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    10 Tips to Help You Write Better Social Media Content

    Content will continue to be crucial for your digital marketing strategy in 2016, so it’s a good idea to redefine the expectations you have for it. Not only does the content on your website and blogs count, but so does the content posted on your social media profiles, otherwise known as social content.

    Because it’s short, many companies throw a few lines together without taking the time to craft something creative, insightful and engaging. As you head into a new year, be sure to keep these following tips in mind to help you write better social content.

    1. Add Images: Images increase engagement and interaction. Custom photos are ideal, but stock photography can be a quick and inexpensive way to give your posts a visual lift.

    2. Identify Your Voice and Tone: Define the voice of your brand and keep it consistent across your channels. Your tone can change, however, based on the platform you’re using. LinkedIn is more professional, while Facebook is more laidback.

    3. Be Conversational: Write like you’re talking to your audience. Keep it short and light to be more engaging. Ask questions or share fun facts.

    4. Know the Perfect Recipe: Be aware of which ingredients go into making a great post on each social network. For instance, Facebook posts should include a link, be newsworthy and timely and posted at peak times for your audience.

    5. Try Long Form: You can now write longer posts on Facebook, and soon, Twitter. Swap out some short posts with longer ones and see how your audience responds. In general, shorter posts do better, but it could differ for your audience.

    6. Don’t Overpost: Each channel is different when it comes to posting frequency. You can post more on Twitter than Facebook, for instance. Post as much as you can without overposting. This keeps your brand front and center without being annoying.

    7. Interact with Others: When you interact with others on Instagram, for example, you grow your following and learn more about what they’re interested in. This can help fuel interesting social content ideas.

    8. Use Hashtags: Not every social channel requires hashtags, but some can benefit from them. When posting on Instagram or Twitter, use hashtags to keep yourself in the conversation and organize content.

    9. Avoid Sales Pitches: Your social content shouldn’t be heavy on marketing. Users don’t want to hear your sales pitch, but they are interested in hearing you. Make your posts fun, informational and interesting, but don’t overdo your sales pitch.

    10. Be Active: Be present on your social channels. When you post content, be prepared to respond to comments or feedback. If you ask a question, be ready to engage in conversation. Don’t just post content and take off.

    Now is a great time to get a cohesive social media content plan in action for your brand. For a helping hand and valued advice, call WSI Star Web at 888-853-4449.

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