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    3 Popular Website Features that May Be Hurting Your Conversion Rate

    New site features are added all the time, but this doesn’t make them the right fit for your site. You have an audience to satisfy, so you must think clearly about the features you add and what value they bring to users. Remember, less is more, especially when you want visitors to complete a desired action.

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    To improve user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO), here are some features that you’ll want to avoid. In most cases, they cause distraction, confusion and/or frustration to users.

    1. Image Carousels

    Aesthetically speaking, image carousels are a great addition to a website. You can fit a lot of images in a single carousel, giving visitors a well-rounded view of your business. The problem with sliders is that they do not perform well. They slow down page load times and don’t do anything for SEO.

    Plus, the majority of users do not click through the slides, so the real estate ends up wasted. The better option – choose one crisp, high quality photo that best defines your business. It will load quickly on mobile devices and leave visitors feeling satisfied.

    1. Infinite Scroll

    Infinite scrolling picked up traction a few years back for a couple of reasons. First, social media sites use infinite scrolling on their news feeds, and it works remarkably well. Second, people have a tendency to keep scrolling on their mobile devices, so this made web developers believe that all content would be seen this way. However, the infinite scroll has its limitations.

    An infinite scroll is best used when your objective is to keep feeding visitors content, and visitors are there to browse. But, not all sites benefit from this structure. If visitors are passively consuming content, they won’t take action. High-converting websites use tangible action verbs, calls to action, form fields, guarantees and testimonials.

    1. Generic Stock Images

    One of the best ways to increase conversion rates is by building trust with customers. People want to buy from the brands they trust. Testimonials, reviews, trust seals and imagery all play a role in showing that you are a reliable business. Low-quality, generic stock photos create the opposite feelings.

    While there are some areas that may benefit from stock imagery, custom imagery is always best. Hire a professional photographer to capture a wide assortment of photos that can be used in your web design in Baton Rouge. They will make all the difference in maintaining a beautiful, genuine website that increases conversions.

    There are many things that could be causing a poor conversion rate, but looking at your website’s features is a good place to start. Are there things that are frustrating users and prompting them to leave? For a second opinion on improving conversion rate optimization for your site, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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