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    4 PPC Tools for More Profitable Campaigns

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    If you want your PPC campaigns to remain effective, you have no choice but to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. In some cases, this means thinking differently about pay per click advertising.

    For example, you already know how important it is to clearly define who your PPC ads are meant for. However, instead of just thinking about who your target customers are, you also need to think about what they’re doing. Are they looking to buy your product or just browsing?

    To ensure you are putting your efforts into the right places, here are some of the best PPC tools to use in 2020.

    1. Data Studio

    Google’s Data Studio was rolled out in 2016 and continues to get better. It allows you to connect your data sources to your reporting. The reports look great and you can customize them based on the interests and preferences of your audience. Also, because these reports are automated, you minimize the risk for data entry errors that are far more common in programs like Excel.

    1. Google Ad Scripts

    Google Ad scripts are nothing new, but they’re worth checking out if you haven’t already. Scripts provide a way to control your Google Ads using JavaScript. You can automate common procedures or interact with external data for multiple Google Ad accounts. As a bonus, many people have written Google Ads scripts that you can use so you don’t have to write them yourself.

    1. Lead Form Extensions

    Lead form extensions allow you to add lead forms to your ads for increased conversions. You can create calls to action in the form of web links or direct downloads, as well as customize your ads with your brand image or logo. There isn’t much data you can collect with the lead form extensions, but we expect this to grow over time. For now, you can gather a contact’s name, email, phone number and zip code.

    1. Audience Targeting Options

    Google recently rolled out two new ways to target customers: affinity audiences and in-market seasonal event segments. Affinity audiences have been around for a while, but now Google is bringing them to YouTube and Search campaigns. In-market audiences was introduced in 2017, but now marketers are getting seasonal segments like Black Friday and Christmas. These targeting options will help you advertise to the right people in the right moment.

    Do you need help with pay per click advertising? Contact the PPC experts at WSI Star Web Solutions and let’s talk about the ways we can optimize your campaigns.

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