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    4 Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Website

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    Are you having trouble keeping people on your website? The average time that people spend on websites is just 15 seconds, which means you don’t have much time to capture your visitors and keep them on your page. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

    Below are four reasons why people may be leaving your website and how to fix them for lower bounce rates and better conversions.

    1. Over-Cluttered Homepage

    People visit sites to complete an action such as looking up information, comparing a service or buying a product. If they can’t complete this action in a few clicks, they’ll likely leave your site for a different one that’s easier to understand.

    Make your homepage clear and simple but don’t forget to link to the main sections of your website. The navigation bar should be visible and content should be short and to the point. Visitors don’t want a long essay or an overcrowded page.

    1. Slow Loading Website

    Another reason why people leave websites is because they take too long to load. Again, remember that people are looking for quick information, so they’re not going to wait for what your website has to say. They’ll leave and find that information somewhere else.

    You can check your website’s speed using the PageSpeed Insights tool. Address the areas that need your attention. If you’re still having trouble, you may need to look further into your hosting provider, the age of your site, the template and widgets you’re using, your graphics and other factors.

    1. Poor First Impression

    First impressions are everything! Because your website is probably the first point of contact you have with many customers, it needs to demonstrate your expertise. A good looking website that functions well builds trust. If your website is old or outdated, people are less likely to trust you.

    An old, outdated will hurt your chances for conversions and sales, so it’s important to address this. Your site may benefit from a refresh, but sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to start from scratch. There are many great templates you can pick from that will make your site fast and responsive.

    1. No Compelling CTAs

    Your calls to action should be compelling and direct. You should have one on every page. Many visitors need a little nudge to take the next step, so having a CTA is helpful for this purpose. Plus, CTAs help you achieve your goals easier whether you’re looking to increase leads, increase sales or build brand awareness. Just make sure that you only have one CTA on each page so you don’t confuse visitors.

    If your bounce rates are high and it’s time for some change, give WSI Star Web Solutions a call. We can help determine why people are leaving your site and the changes to make to improve bounce rates, conversions and sales.

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