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    5 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

    5 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

    A blog is an excellent opportunity to post updates about your services, share industry news, provide value to readers and grow your audience. But in order to be successful, your blog requires time and effort. There are also a number of blogging mistakes you’ll want to avoid to keep your blog looking professional. By being aware of these blunders, you can watch out for them and make sure that you’re delivering the best to your readers!

    Below are five of the most common but easy-to-make blogging mistakes.

    1. Posting Too Much or Not Enough

    When you’re writing for a company blog, consistency is key. Most experts say that the sweet spot is between two and four posts a week. This is a big commitment, so you can start by posting once or twice a week and then working up from there, rather than posting four times a week and then burning out.

    If you do end up having a productive week, you can always schedule your posts for a future date. Also, don’t be afraid to take advantage of a blogging software tool that will help streamline writing, editing and publishing workflows to keep you on track.

    2. Website Performs Poorly

    Before you start a company blog, make sure that your website can handle it. You should have a good hosting provider that delivers great speed, security and support. You can also make a few adjustments to your settings that will make your site more appealing to search engine crawlers.

    Also keep in mind that more than half of visitors will be reading your blogs on their mobile devices, so your website should be mobile optimized. This includes fast loading images, easy-to-click links and readable text.

    3. Content is Not Formatted Correctly

    To make your content easy to skim through, you’ll want to present it in a way that’s clean and organized. Rather than publishing a massive block of text, break up the text into short paragraphs and sentences. Lists, bullet points and subheadings are also helpful for readers.

    To support your text, add high-resolution images to your posts. If you don’t have images readily available, you can download a stock image. Just make sure that you pay attention to licensing and use the photo correctly. And finally, choose a clean and well-designed theme that offers good typography, white space and organized navigation.

    4. Not Doing Effective Keyword Research

    There are many purposes to writing a blog, and good SEO is one of them. By contributing high quality content on a regular basis, the search engine crawlers will see you as a valuable source. But in order for the search engines to understand what your content is about, you need the right keywords.

    You can hire an experienced SEO company to do the keyword research for you, or you can use a keyword research tool. Just be sure that you are adding these keywords in a natural way throughout your content to capture Google’s attention and rank higher in the search engines.

    5. Not Including Links in Your Content

    Aside from keywords, external and internal links are also good for SEO. External links point to other websites. They support your content and can help you build relationships with others. But what you really want is external links pointing to your site, as this shows that your website has authority.

    Internal links keep readers on your website by directing them to other pages on your site. They are effective at keeping people engaged and boosting credibility. Be sure to build a strong linking strategy so that you can improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic and improve your website’s overall performance.

    Get Help with Your Company Blog Today!

    By steering clear of these common mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful company blog! If you find that keeping up with your blog becomes difficult, you can always outsource your needs to a company like WSI Star Web Solutions. Not only will we build an informative and interesting blog, but also we’ll handle the keyword research for you!

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