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    5 Content Formats to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

    Are you curious to know what types of content are most effective? Each company has a unique audience, so you’ll have to experiment with different types of content to see what your readers like best. That said, there are some forms of content that are worth exploring regardless of your audience. For example, the human brain is hardwired to notice visuals first, so content with images and videos tend to rank best.

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    Below are the five most effective forms of content that will grab your audience’s attention.

    1. Long-form blog posts

    Long-form content will get you more of what you want: online visibility, industry expertise and reader engagement. More often than not, Google’s top results are long-form blog posts. Google views this type of content as being more valuable because it answers the user’s questions in a single post, rather than having the user open multiple pages.

    Some people consider long-form content to be 700 words or more, while others say at least 1,800 words is best. We would say to at least aim for 1,200 words of content. Of course, be sure that you have a great topic to discuss, as you don’t want to bore your readers with redundant content.

    1. Infographics

    Infographics contain plenty of visuals with small bites of content. People enjoy reading infographics because the content is short and easy to digest, and the images are persuasive and eye-catching. For these reasons, infographics are commonly shared on social media and more likely to go viral.

    1. Video content

    Video content is where it’s at. YouTube has over a billion users, with more than 500 million hours of video watched every day. People love watching videos because they are entertaining, easy to watch on mobile devices and fun to share with others.

    Creating video content may be out of your comfort zone, but we assure you that it’s not as difficult as you might think. All you need is a decent camera, a microphone, good lighting and a stable internet connection. You can experiment with live streaming or short videos on Instagram Stories before creating longer video content.

    1. Email marketing

    Email marketing continues to be a solid internet marketing strategy in Jackson MS. It’s cost-effective and can be sent to a highly specific group of users. Recipients receive the emails almost instantly, allowing them to take advantage of special offers and boost sales in real-time. You can also split test every element to see what works best for your audience, including the headline, images, call to action and offer.

    1. Podcasts

    Like video content, podcasts are enjoyable and easy to consume. People enjoy listening to podcasts on their way to work or during break times. Plus, podcasts serve as another form of content that drives traffic and backlinks. Pick a few topics that you feel comfortable talking about and post the podcasts to your website and social channels to see how your audience responds.

    When looking to shake up your content marketing strategy, consider these five forms of content. They tend to generate more engagement, more comments and more web traffic. For additional ideas on how to strengthen your content, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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