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    5 Content Types That Perform Best on LinkedIn

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    After a while, it’s normal to struggle to come up with content ideas to share on LinkedIn. But LinkedIn is a marketing tool that you do not want to ignore, as it drives traffic to your website, identifies quality leads, shares your expertise and grows your network. Therefore, falling into a slump isn’t a reason to give up – you just need to try new things!

    Below are the five content types that perform best on LinkedIn. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the time to do so. You can produce this content on your own, possibly with help from a freelancer, or by working with a professional digital marketing agency in Baton Rouge.

    1. Blog Posts

    Blog posts top the list because they perform extremely well on LinkedIn. This platform is all about educating people, and blog posts do this well. You’ve probably already posted blogs to the platform, but you might want to switch them up.

    For example, if you typically write shorter blog posts, consider long-form content that covers topics in-depth. This type of informative content does well on LinkedIn because users are looking for thorough, accurate information.

    2. Third-Party Content

    You can also share third-party content to your site because you don’t want to just talk about yourself. Choose reputable publishers for your industry, as this will help build trust. Plus, other people in your industry will recognize the name and be more apt to reading the blog post.

    Utilizing third-party content is also good for your social media marketing strategy. It can help fill in the gaps on your social media content calendar, allowing you to post fresh, relevant content all month long. Best of all, you’re working smarter – not harder!

    3. Opinion Posts

    Because LinkedIn is designed for professionals, it’s a great platform for starting conversations. You may have to stir the pot by posting controversial videos or opinion posts. As long as you are handling yourself professionally, there is nothing wrong with sharing your opinion.

    Sharing an unpopular opinion stands out way more than the same opinion. It’s something that people haven’t heard before, and it’s more likely to prompt discussions. You can also post controversial videos and start conversations this way. The LinkedIn algorithm likes their users to watch videos, so it puts them higher in the feed.

    4. Free Content

    People love to get free stuff. It makes them feel happy and opens them up to engaging with your content. Some of the best incentives include:

    • Whitepapers
    • Long-form content
    • Infographics
    • Podcast episodes
    • Checklists
    • Free templates
    • Free strategy call
    • Free website audit

    5. Bite Size Tips

    Another content form that performs well on LinkedIn is bite-sized tips. LinkedIn wants people spending time on their site – not going off to follow a landing page. This is why you have a much higher chance of gaining massive reach when you create content with pure text.

    The LinkedIn algorithm will promote this content more because it keeps users on the platform. Some examples of things you can post include screenshots of how to use your product or service and bullet-point lists. Be sure to add a few relevant hashtags to increase visibility!

    Create Share-Worthy Content for LinkedIn

    These five content forms give you a great mix of content that you can use for LinkedIn. You should be posting on the platform about three times a week, and no more than a couple of times a day. For help with your LinkedIn marketing strategy, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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