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    5 Effective Video Content Options for LinkedIn

    Did you know that LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share video posts than any other form of content? With these engagement rates, LinkedIn gave extra attention to video content in 2018. The professional network rolled out new features and tools to help make posting and consuming video content easier. We can expect LinkedIn to continue focusing its efforts on video marketing because of its demand.

    So, what type of viral video content should you be creating? We’ve listed out some of the best formats to consider for your LinkedIn channel.

    1. New Launch Promo Video

    It’s exciting to launch a new product, but it can be difficult to get your story out in a single ad or blog post. Thankfully, a quick video allows you to place your new product or service in front of a targeted audience. Tell the story behind your product, the importance that it offers and what people have to gain by being a customer. Don’t be afraid to sweeten the pot with a special promotion or discount for viewers.

    2. Industry Insight Videos

    One of the reasons why people use LinkedIn is to keep updated on the latest industry trends. Use industry insight videos to show users that they can trust you with the latest developments. This allows you to position yourself as an industry leader and keep your followers informed.

    When creating industry insight videos, your videos should be interesting and educational. Help viewers understand what’s going on in your field, and include a call to action that directs traffic to your website or blog.

    3. Event Recap Videos

    Another video format that performs well on LinkedIn is an event recap video. If you recently hosted an event or attended a trade show, keep the buzz going. Discuss who you saw at the event, what you learned, what surprised you and more. Just be sure that you cater to your audience and provide them with a quick and meaningful summary of the event. There’s no need to be over-promotional in recap videos.

    4. Trending News Videos

    Trending news videos are easy to share because they focus on hot topics that people want to know more about. When you post videos on trending topics, you keep your brand relevant and show that you know what’s going on around you. Also, you can take part in the discussions and share your unique knowledge and expertise.

    5. Webinar Videos

    If you have a product or service that you want to sell to business professionals, consider creating a webinar. The benefit to hosting a webinar on LinkedIn is that you can reach a high-quality audience that is eager to learn. Start with a landing page to gather registration information.

    Webinars can also be used to promote upcoming events. Explain to viewers why they should attend your event and what they have to gain by doing so. Again, don’t be afraid to sweeten the deal by offering a promotional product, discount or special offer for those who visit you in-person.

    Wrapping it Up

    When choosing which video format is right for your campaign, also consider the viewing preferences of your audience. Many people consume video content on mobile devices and with the sound off. When you combine this information with the video content options listed above, you should have no problem creating videos that are educational, informative and shareworthy.

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