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    5 Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Fix Them

    Facebook is a powerful advertising tool. If you’re using the social site to connect with customers, share updates on your business and run targeted ad campaigns, you’re making all the right moves. However, you may be making some common mistakes. To ensure that your Facebook ads are reaching the right people and maximizing your ad budget, let’s review five ad mistakes and ways to avoid them.

    1. You’re showing the same ads to the same people.

    No matter how good your ads are, you don’t want to waste money showing them to the same people. Do this too much, and it’s possible that your audience will tune out. The best way to ensure that you’re reaching different audiences is by excluding converters and tapping into new audiences using the targeting features. Also, be sure to read the comments you receive, as you can sense how interested people still are in the ad.

    2. You have a “set it and forget it” mindset.

    Facebook has a great selection of automation tools that allow you to run your campaigns. While they are convenient and helpful, do not let them do all the work for you. (Though we know it’s tempting!) As you track your campaigns, you can determine what is working and what is not. Adjust the things that could be better to produce higher performing social campaigns.

    3. You’re testing too much at one time.

    It’s important to track and measure everything you do. Split testing is the easiest way to identify which advertisement is most effective. However, be careful not to test everything at once. If you do this, you won’t know which element led to the higher conversion rates. Establish a baseline and measure from there.

    4. You change ad elements too often.

    The opposite of setting things on autopilot, it’s also possible to be too aggressive with the changes you make. Having so many Facebook tools is what usually leads to this, as some marketers stare at the numbers and expect more to happen. When it doesn’t, they start changing images, headlines, text and more. It’s best to wait 24-48 hours before optimizing the ad.

    5. You’re not tracking your campaigns.

    Facebook does track your campaigns, but we highly recommend having your own spreadsheet. This way, you can better manage the campaigns and track specific information. How did the campaign perform overall? What changes worked? Which ones didn’t? What will you do differently in the future? By reviewing your campaigns, you can look for patterns.

    Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach your audience with the right ads. However, be sure to avoid these five common mistakes, otherwise they could affect the performance of your ads.

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