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    5 Key Elements of Effective Custom Web Design

    Custom Web Design

    When you hire a professional web development company to design and build a website for your business, you can expect professional, high quality results. WSI Star Web Solutions provides custom web design services, which involve creating unique and tailored websites from scratch.

    While building a website from the ground up does cost more than using a website builder, you also get an end result that is personalized and unique. Plus, your finished product will meet the needs of your business, ensuring that your customers have the best user experience.

    Here are five key elements of effective custom web design and how they play a role in increasing user engagement, improving user experience and driving business growth.

    1. User-Centered Design

    A user-centered design is an approach that focuses on the wants and needs of your website users. To be effective, you’ll need to understand your users’ behaviors, motivations and pain points, as well as create a website that is intuitive and easy to use.

    Creating a user-centered website typically involves several steps, including research, prototyping, testing and implementation. The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design should be consistent throughout the website, making it easy for users to find the information they’re looking for.

    2. Clear and Concise Messaging

    The messaging on your website should be clear, concise and easy to understand. Customers should have no trouble learning what your business does, the products and services you offer and how you can help them solve their problems. Also, your messaging should be consistent with your brand’s tone and personality.

    3. Responsive Design

    With half of web traffic coming from mobile devices, responsive design is essential for today’s websites. Your website must be optimized for all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

    The easiest way to do this is by picking a responsive web template. But, there are additional things you can do to ensure your website is optimized for mobile users, such as compressing images, picking the right typography and using good navigation.

    4. Visual Hierarchy

    Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of website elements in a way that guides the user’s eyes towards the most important information. With custom web design, you can use visual hierarchy to highlight the most critical information on your pages, such as call to actions and key messages as well as the placement of your phone number.

    First, you’ll need to decide the flow of your content. What information is most important to customers? Second, you can use size, color and placement to bring attention to these key elements, such as by putting certain content above the fold and using larger font.

    5. Consistent Branding

    Consistent branding is essential to creating a strong and recognizable brand. Custom web design allows you to incorporate your brand’s logo, colors and typography throughout the website so that users always know where they are, and what brand they are interacting with.

    Ultimately, consistent branding will provide a cohesive and memorable experience for customers that will be easily recognizable on both online and offline channels.

    Custom Web Design Services

    When you custom design your website, you can create a website that is tailored to the specific needs of your business and audience. It should prioritize the user experience and include clear messaging, responsive design and consistent branding. To learn more about the custom web design services through WSI Star Web Solutions, contact our team today.

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    I call Burns Smith my guru. Burns Smith is just helping me with my internet presence. I'm in real estate, and he is helping me with that, to just kind of help me get in front of more people. He is very quick to respond, very personable, and very quick to do face-to-face meetings. It seems he is always available, and he is very knowledgeable about the industry. I call him my guru.

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web Solutions has been handling our web development needs for over five years now. They built our website and manage our SEO program, for which we are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them. - K. Smith, Medical Device Company, Atlanta GA.

    Kathryn Smith

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web solutions have been handling our website and internet marketing for many years. Their service is always very responsive and the internet marketing program generates us many leads.

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