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    5 Popular Content Formats and Their Ideal Lengths

    Newspapers, articles, blogs, videos, etc. all have their own ideal lengths. How much time it takes to consume this content matters because you don’t want people becoming bored or distracted. When creating content for Mississippi SEO, it’s important to keep length in mind. While you might be tempted to overshare information, it’s usually best to keep things short, sweet and simple.

    creating content for Mississippi SEO

    Here are five of the most popular content formats and their ideal lengths.

    Blog Posts

    A blog post should have a minimum of 300 words to rank well in the search engines. But blogs that have 1,000 words or more typically rank better. This is the case because longer posts are more informative, allowing users to get all of their information from one place rather than several different websites. We recommend focusing on quality over quantity and having a mix of both long- and short-form content on your website.


    Videos can be utilized for many different reasons such as tutorials, product features, how to dos, customer reviews and more. Videos that receive the most attention are between 90 seconds and two minutes long. It’s best to keep videos short because viewers tend to lose interest after a couple of minutes. If you have a meaty topic you want to cover, break it up into a series of videos.


    Infographics are a gathering of charts, images and text that provide an overview of the main message. People like infographics because they make it easy to visualize and understand complex information.

    The ideal infographic should be no longer than 600 pixels in width and no more than 1800 pixels in length. These dimensions will help you summarize the main points, conserve space and keep the infographic clean and organized with white space.

    Case Studies

    The purpose of a case study is to conduct research on a topic and report your findings. Case studies do not have limitations on length. This is due to the fact that each case study has a different topic that requires more or less information. Neil Patel offers some helpful tips for creating an effective case study – perfect for B2B companies and nonprofit organizations.


    Last on our list is eBooks or digital versions of published books that can be downloaded to a device. Usually guaranteed to have the longest length in content are eBooks – usually 250-300 words per page with a total of 10,000 words or more.

    The reason eBooks are meant to be long is because they’re telling a story and providing useful information that can’t be found anywhere else. Additionally, most eBooks are given in exchange for an email, so you want this content to be valuable.

    Content formats serve different purposes and it’s good to know how long each format should be. By keeping your content at the right length, you can capture your readers’ attention and hold it there while providing them with a positive brand experience.

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