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    5 Reasons Mobile Users Aren’t Converting on Your Landing Pages

    Are you having trouble getting mobile users to convert on your landing pages? If so, this post is for you! We are going to review five potential reasons why users aren’t converting and what you can do about them.

    While you’ve probably been working with landing pages for quite some time, mobile users are different. If you want to increase conversions, you need to think about your mobile users’ expectations.

    Let’s get started with five possible reasons users are skipping over your landing pages.

    1. You have too much information.

    You probably already know that you should cut to the chase and tell your users exactly what you want them to do. But do you realize that mobile users are working off screens that are 6 inches in size or less? This makes your space even more precious.

    Mobile users are also less likely to scroll down, so think carefully about what information is really necessary for users to convert. What you should do is find a balance between necessary information about your product or service and what users need to make a decision.

    2. You don’t have a click to call button.

    In this digital age, people prefer interacting with others using technology. But there are times when it’s nice to just talk to someone. A potential customer might have a quick question that they can’t find the answer to online (i.e, Can you extend my coupon an additional day?), or they may not feel like digging through your website to find it.

    To make contacting you easy, include a click to call button on your landing page. The CTC should have a clear call to action, a visible phone icon and work for global users. By doing this, you’re not losing potential customers with simple questions. Remember, people like easy!

    3. You have too much going on.

    Mobile landing pages need to be straightforward – no clutter! This includes having ONE call to action. If you have several CTAs, mobile users are going to get confused. They may scroll back and forth trying to decide which CTA to choose, which isn’t good because confused visitors don’t turn into converting visitors. Focus on a single call to action and the necessary content to support it.

    4. You’re not explaining the customer benefits.

    While it’s true that you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you still want to make sure that you are not omitting important information, such as the benefits to your customers. What do they get by converting? Use bold typefaces and colors to highlight what users can expect.

    5. Your page doesn’t look professional.

    Not all images scale properly on mobile devices. Images with copy are especially tricky, so check to see how your landing page looks on mobile. If the images look like smudges, visitors probably aren’t going to view your company as being professional. All images – the background, product images, etc. – should be high quality and optimized for mobile. Also strike a balance with white space so that your page doesn’t look too cramped.

    Mobile users are different than desktop ones. By taking the time to recognize their expectations and making the proper adjustments, you can expect to see better conversions on your landing pages.

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