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    5 Things People Get Wrong About SEO

    How much do you know about SEO?

    As much as we discuss SEO for our content and websites, it’s one of the hardest words to define. Anytime there is complexity in understanding something, misconceptions develop. To make matters more complicated, SEO is always changing. While the original purpose stays the same – to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic through search engine results – the ways to get there have changed dramatically.

    Before you invest in SEO for your small business, it’s important to separate fact from fiction. Let’s discuss five things that people often get wrong about SEO.

    1. SEO is a gimmick.

    Some people believe that SEO is a way to “trick” Google and move your page up in the search engines. This stems back to the black hat SEO days when people did try to deceive Google. But, it’s not this way anymore. By following white hat practices, you’re working within the rules to move your website higher in the search results. This way, customers can find you more easily.

    2. SEO is too technical.

    SEO can be complex, especially for newbies. But, you don’t need a background in coding to understand SEO. In fact, by studying SEO for a few hours, you can learn the basics. Also, SEO is always changing, so even the most seasoned experts have to brush up on their knowledge. I highly recommend reading an SEO beginner’s guide such as this one from Moz or this one from Kissmetrics.

    3. The SEO process is the same for everyone.

    If you recently looked for SEO services, you probably noticed how each company has their own approach to SEO. This is good. Many people think that every company follows the same reliable procedure, but this isn’t how SEO works. In fact, companies must follow different processes between clients. What works for Client A may not work for Client B. Various strategies, targeting methods, investment levels and more all vary.

    4. Link building is spammy.

    As long as link building is done correctly, it can add a ton of value to your site. It all starts with quality content. The more relevant, valuable content you create, the more people will want to read it. By including links to informative sites, you can boost your search relevance. Over time, other quality sites will link to yours as well.

    5. SEO services are expensive.

    People tend to think that SEO services are costly, but that’s only because they’re looking at the initial cost. In truth, SEO is cost effective. As long as you work with a reputable SEO service, you can expect an excellent return on investment. When done right, SEO increases relevant traffic, leads to higher brand credibility and gives brands a competitive advantage.

    We hope we’ve cleared up some common misconceptions about SEO. If you have more questions about how the process works and what you can expect in terms of cost, call WSI Star Web Solutions.

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