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    5 Tips for Writing Effective Calls to Action

    In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is a word or phrase on your advertisement that tells people what you want them to do next. The more information you convey, the more likely your target audience is to click. However, space is limited, so you must find a clear and compelling way to deliver your message.

    Here are five tips to help you craft crazy-effective CTAs that your target audience can’t resist.

    1. Start with a Strong Command Verb

    You don’t have a lot of space to explain your point, so you need to do so as clearly and distinctly as possible. To accomplish this, start with a strong command verb that tells your audience what they should do next. Examples of strong command verbs are:

    • Buy
    • Shop
    • Order
    • Download
    • Subscribe
    • Donate

    2. Use Words that Evoke Emotion

    When your audience reads your CTA, they should feel some type of emotion, which will be the driving force behind them wanting to click. Do they want to look better? Be more successful? Earn more money?

    Think about your message and how you want people to feel when they see it. If your message is enthusiastic, your audience will be, too. You can do this by inserting an exclamation point and using emotion-provoking words like “lose weight” or “get out of debt.”

    3. Give Your Audience a Reason to Click

    Always let your audience know what’s in it for them. Consider this all-too-common CTA: “Call us today for your free consultation.” Even though it’s not overly creative, it gets the point across. It tells people what you want them to do (call) and what they get in return (a consultation).

    For the best results, tie in your reason for clicking with your unique selling point (USP). Your USP is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads, as it separates your brand from the rest.

    4. Make it Urgent

    Urgency works well in CTAs because it forces people to make a decision. Buyers don’t want to miss out on good deals, so if they know that you have limited inventory or a time-sensitive sale, they’re more likely to convert. If a customer sits on your information, they’re more likely to talk themselves out of it.

    5. Know Your Device

    Even though more and more people are using smartphones to browse the internet, not everyone is. Consider the devices your audience uses so that you can craft a relevant CTA.

    Google considers desktops and tablets as the same because the screen sizes are similar. Mobile devices are a bit different, as people using smartphones tend to have different user behavior and search intent than those using desktops.

    To optimize your CTAs for each device, Google gives you the option to set a mobile preference for your ads. You can also take advantage of call extensions that let you display your phone number alongside the ads.

    Clear, engaging calls to action are important for converting visitors into leads. To learn more about generating more leads from your landing pages, call WSI Star Web Solutions at 888-853-4449.

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