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    5 Ways Apple iOS 14 Will Impact Your Facebook Ads

    Apple has three new app policies that are expected to take effect very soon. While this is nothing to be surprised about, it is something to plan for because it will change the way we do social media marketing in New Orleans. In this post, we’ll cover five ways that Apple iOS 14 will impact your Facebook ads.

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    App Advertising

    In May 2018, Apple introduced the SKAdNetwork API to increase user privacy for those who installed mobile apps. Today, the SKAdNetwork API will be used by Facebook for app advertising on all iOS 14 devices. This will restrict, aggregate or delay app event data.

    Mobile Web Advertising

    Apple has also created the PCM (Private Click Measurement) protocol that will restrict data that businesses and platforms can access. For example, if a user is shown an ad on Instagram and is then taken to a web browser to complete the purchase, the transaction will be lost. Thankfully, Facebook is addressing this problem by releasing the Aggregated Event Management tool.

    Optimization and Targeting

    iOS 14.5 has an eight-pixel event cap per domain. This means that an advertiser can only use a maximum of eight conversion events per domain for optimization. As an advertiser, you’ll have to choose the most important eight events. Luckily, you can still track more events for reporting and audience creation.


    The new default attribution window will make measurement more complicated because it under-reports on both organic and paid channels. You can also expect to see more dark social traffic, which is when people share content privately on social media. Additionally, there will be a three-day delay on data display for iOS 14.5 users due to the above-mentioned PCM.

    Business Manager Tool Setup

    Lastly, the Facebook Business Manager interface will have its design changed. This is being done because Facebook can’t have different interfaces for Android and iOS users. Advertisers likely won’t have any trouble getting used to the design, but it is important to know that you can expect to see changes in the Business Manager interface.

    This post goes into more detail on Apple iOS 14.5 changes, as well as how to prepare for the update. However, we realize that much of this information can be confusing, which is why we encourage you to contact your digital marketing agency. WSI Star Web Solutions is getting prepared for these changes, so if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us today!

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