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    6 Digital Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores

    Digital Marketing Ideas

    As a retail store owner, especially of a small or new business, you tend to wear many hats. From training staff to managing inventory, your to-do list may seem never ending. While you know that investing time in internet marketing in Baton Rouge can increase profits and brand recognition, you may not know where to start. We are here to help you narrow the endless digital marketing opportunities down to six simple, and low-cost, tactics that you can start implementing now!

    1. Go Live!

    Live videos are a fantastic way to engage with your customers. Since live videos tend to come off less scripted and authentic, customers tend to engage with them more than pre-recorded videos! Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo all have options to record live videos. Schedule a time in the upcoming week to go live and give a tour of your store, initiate a Q&A session, or even do product features! You can even announce the video a day or two in advance so your customers know when to tune in.

    1. Email Promotions

    Some may feel like sending an email is an outdated tactic, but statistics still show that emails that contain promotions still result in engagement! Get started with an email platform, such as Shopify, to create a simple email template to help you announce your newest products or upcoming sale.

    1. Giveaways and Contests

    Creating fun giveaways and contests can be a very effective tool to build excitement around new product releases or even get rid of overstock! If you don’t feel you have enough followers to engage with your contest or giveaway, try collaborating with another brand. This can help you get your brand in front of a new audience, as well as ensure the prizes are bigger and more diverse! Always make sure to communicate clear participation guidelines and requirements, in addition to adhering to the platform’s promotional rules.

    1. Employee Spotlights

    Customers love to see the people who are behind their favorite brands, making employee spotlights a powerful tactic. You can include bios about your employees in your About section on your website, create a spotlight post on Facebook or Instagram dedicated to introducing an employee, or both! Adding this personal touch can build trust with your customers, and some may even recognize an employee when they visit your store front!

    1. Behind the Scene Exclusive

    Providing your customers with a behind the scenes glance on “a day in the life of” your shop can greatly increase engagement. Try introducing your audience to the local vendors you work alongside with, or give a tutorial on how your employees glaze the candles or fold the t-shirts. Small glimpse of your day-to-day is a great way to make your brand come to life across a screen.

    1. Participate in Current Events

    These days, people are looking for businesses that care about the current events happening around the world. This could include political movements, community events, or fundraisers for worthy causes. Choosing to engage with the current events that your customers are likely engaging in can be a powerful way to attract the right people to your brand. Take a stand with your target audience on the things they care about!

    Owning a business is no easy feat, but your digital marketing tactics don’t need to be rocket science! Start applying these trends to your digital marketing strategy, and watch as your customer engagement and sales increase!


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