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    7 Live Chat Benefits You Don’t Want to Ignore

    Live Chat Benefits

    If you’ve been thinking about adding live chat to your website, now has never been a better time. With advances in technology, live chat is an accessible and affordable addition to your current internet marketing in Jackson MS.

    Even though live chat and instant messenger platforms do share some similarities, they are distinct platforms with their own set of advantages. Below we’ll cover seven benefits of installing live chat software on your website.

    1. Reduce expenses.

    Live chat can replace traditional phone support, which is generally more costly due to the person-per-hour costs. With live chat software, you can help multiple customers at once without consuming your support staff.

    1. Increase sales.

    Studies continuously show that live chat helps to increase sales. Shoppers can have their questions answered right away, and you can generate more qualified leads. Simply put, live chat gives you more opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers.

    1. Boost customer loyalty.

    Customers appreciate having access to live chat. They like knowing that they can get support if they need it. Plus, if customers end up using live chat to answer a question or solve a problem, they’re more likely to return in the future.

    1. Identify customer pain points.

    It’s difficult to know the pain points of your customers, especially because you probably just hear them through the grapevine. With live chat, you have access to all chat histories, which you can use to identify common frustrations.

    1. Faster problem solving.

    When customers experience problems, it’s important to solve them quickly. Otherwise, they’re not likely to return in the future. Thankfully, live chat is responsive and offers screen-sharing capabilities, pushing links to help guides and more.

    1. Convenience for customers.

    The better you can serve your customers, the more likely they will be to return. Live chat provides web visitors with immediate access to salespeople and support staff. It’s also a preferred way for people to communicate with brands.

    1. Surpass the competition.

    As advantageous as live chat is, many companies still don’t have it. By offering this service to your customers, you can strengthen relationships, generate more sales and offer better service than your competitors.

    WSI Live Chat is a live chat and monitoring service that allows you to connect with your visitors in real-time. It’s affordable, simple to use and effective at generating leads and uses real people for the operators. To learn more about implementing this technology into your website, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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