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    7 Powerful Words in Advertising

    If you want to strengthen your ad copy, head on over to some of the most powerful words in advertising. Words, as we know, sell. Why do you think social media platforms and messaging apps are largely text based? Brands use these channels to communicate their messages with powerful, effective words. The question is, what are these words?

    Below are seven compelling words that can have a profound effect on selling, according to research from the English department at Yale University. Let’s check them out!

    1. You

    ‘You’ remains the most powerful word in advertising. It’s simple but effective. The reason why ‘you’ is convincing is because it’s personal. Consumers feel that the ad is speaking directly to them and the problems they want to solve. To make your ads more effective, go through and soften the copy with ‘you’ and ‘your’.

    2. Guarantee

    ‘Guarantee’ is an influential word because it removes doubt. When a customer has hesitations about something, they won’t convert. Placing a guarantee into the ad gives them reassurance to move forward. The only word of caution is to support your guarantee, otherwise your credibility will be ruined.

    3. Safe or Safety

    Consumers expect the products and services they buy to be safe. From children’s toys to beauty products, people want their products to meet the highest safety standards. There are some products, however, that you don’t want to label as ‘safe’, otherwise it will scare people off. For example, you wouldn’t say that your brand of ice cream is ‘safe’ to eat. Why wouldn’t it be?

    4. Best

    ‘Best’ is a word that has amazing power, but it has to be used correctly. If you throw ‘best’ into your native advertising? without having research or awards to back it up, people will ignore you. Consider some of the things that your products and services may really be best at (avoid being subjective). Did you win a best in class award? Were you listed among the best leaders in your industry?

    5. Proven

    Consumers don’t necessarily mind trying out new products, but they still have the “buyer beware” mindset. How do they know they aren’t wasting money? What happens if the product doesn’t live up to its expectations? To help you get over this hump, prove yourself. What types of studies or research do you have? Did you receive customer feedback from product testing? Even product demonstrations are effective at showing results.

    6. Health or Healthy

    If the word ‘safe’ doesn’t fit your products, it’s possible that ‘health’ or ‘healthy’ will. People like to see these words in advertisements because it tells them that the product or service will improve their financial, physical or emotional health. Just be sure not to use the word on products that aren’t really healthy. Some things are unhealthy (i.e., artificial sweeteners, saturated fats) no matter how you spin them.

    7. Save

    Consumers love to save money. These savings can be earned immediately or earned over time. If your product or service can honestly save someone money, let it be known. Point out how much savings people can expect as well as other great “saves” such as time, headache and frustration.

    To make your ads most effective and persuasive, be sure you are adding the right power words into your copy!

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