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    7 Steps to Creating Viral Videos

    Are you ready to create a viral video? There is no single way to go viral, which makes it all the more challenging – and interesting! But, if you succeed at your goals, you can generate brand awareness, grow interest in your products and secure new customers. Let’s explore seven steps to creating viral videos that take your brand to the next level!

    Step #1. Know Your Audience

    As long as you’ve created your buyer personas, this step won’t be difficult. Analyze your data to better understand who you will be speaking to in your video. Are you talking to millennials? College students? Moms and dads? Think about their pain points and the topics that might grab their attention.

    Step #2. Be Strategic

    Even though there is no single way to go viral, it’s not exactly based on luck. You still have to work hard to create a quality, engaging video that captures your audience’s attention. The best way to reach these goals is by having a plan of action. How will you distribute your video? How will it spread?

    Step #3. Captivate with Storytelling

    The . In fact, you can create a much better video simply by telling a story rather than selling your product. Storytelling allows you to share something that resonates with your audience while addressing their wants and needs. Plus, this is what makes videos more likely to go viral.

    Step #4. Focus on Emotion

    To help you come up with a good storyline, consider what emotions you want viewers to feel. Do you want to make them laugh? Cry? The best ads bring out emotion and leave an imprint on the viewer. We tend to remember the commercials that make us shed a tear or make us laugh like crazy.

    Step #5. Solve a Problem

    The last thing you want is for people to feel bored when they watch your video. Your audience should never have to ask, “Why am I here?” or “Why am I watching this?” Your message should be clear and cut to the chase: what problem are you going to solve today?

    Step #6. Start Off Strong

    The first 10 seconds of your video is what grabs your audience’s attention. Consider some of the ways that you can demand attention from the start, and it doesn’t have to be with a loud bang either. Sometimes, all you need is a powerful statistic, compelling content or a beautiful image.

    Step #7: Promote the Video

    No matter how good your video is, it won’t go viral if it can’t be found. Promote your video by posting it to your social media accounts, email newsletters, website, blog posts and more. Craft new status posts when posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Don’t forget to optimize the video so that it can be found by the search engines.

    Creating viral video content is within your reach! Apply our seven tips and you will be well on your way to creating incredible videos that are bound to be shared by your customers.

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