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    7 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Posts that Get Noticed

    LinkedIn is one of the most trusted social media networks for professionals. If you’re a B2B professional, you’ll definitely want to post some of your content to this channel. But learning how to write a post on LinkedIn means learning a different set of rules. LinkedIn has its own unique algorithm that determines which posts are most relevant and engaging.

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    Below are seven tips that will help you create the best posts for LinkedIn.

    1. Write Long Posts

    First and foremost, be prepared to write longer posts for LinkedIn. Experts recommend writing 1,000 to 3,000 words because long content tends to get more likes and shares. Because you’re writing to a professional audience, you can take a more research-based approach to your posts. But, also make sure to keep your content straightforward and easy to read.

    1. Format Your Content Correctly

    Knowing that your posts should be longer, it’s especially important for your content to be formatted correctly. Proper formatting improves readability and makes your articles easier to skim over. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, write optimized headlines and include lots of images. This is the best formula for engaging LinkedIn posts.

    1. Add Hashtags

    LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to add an unlimited number of hashtags to your posts, but we recommend sticking to three or less. It’s not necessary to go overboard on hashtags. When choosing which hashtags to add to your post, consider multi-word hashtags for better readability, and capitalize the first letter of each word so that it’s easier to decipher.

    1. Include Plenty of Images

    With a more research-based tone, be sure to include images to support your content. Try to avoid stock photos, as these can bring down the quality of your post. Charts, graphs and original images are best. If you do need to add stock photos, edit them to better align with your brand. You can do this by adding a filter or cropping the photo.

    1. Post Regularly

    Don’t just drop a post on LinkedIn every so often. Create a consistent routine so that your followers can look forward to reading your posts. Once or twice a week is plenty for LinkedIn, especially in conjunction with your other content and activity.

    1. Pay Attention to Analytics

    LinkedIn rewards posts that gain immediate engagement like reactions and comments. To reap these benefits, you’ll want to maximize your engagement by posting at the right times. To determine when your audience is most likely to be on LinkedIn, study your analytics.

    1. Mobile Optimize Your Posts

    Keep in mind that your audience is likely to be reading your content from their mobile devices, so you’ll want your posts to be mobile optimized. Use rich images, clear language, compelling headlines and clickable CTAs that allow readers to skim through your posts and gather the information they need.

    These up-to-date practices will help you craft better content for LinkedIn. To learn more about enhancing your social media marketing in New Orleans, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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    7 Tips for Writing LinkedIn Posts that Get Noticed