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    7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Pay-Per-Click Ads

    Pay-Per-Click Ads

    When it comes to the advertising side of digital marketing, you want to make sure that the money you are putting towards that investment is paying off in the long run. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular and budget friendly ways to advertise your business, because you only pay for how many times a customer actually clicks on your ad!

    Although this type of advertising is easy to buy into, there are steps you can take to get the most out of your PPC spending. Let’s talk about seven tips that can increase the effectiveness of your PPC advertisements!

    1. Decide on Your Keywords

    Choosing the right keywords to advertise your business makes a significant difference in your Google ranking and visibility (SEO)! Practice thinking like your customers when deciding on which keywords to use. What keywords or phrases are they typing into Google when searching in your niche? You can even take advantage of Google’s Keyword Tool to get a better idea of what keywords will generate more traffic to your website!

    1. Choose a Monthly Budget

    Take the time to decide on how many clicks you want to pay for each month, so that your spending doesn’t grow out of control. For example: if you choose a budget of $500 a month, and you are paying $0.50 cents per click, that will result in 1,000 click-throughs to your website. Be aware that once you hit your budget limit, your ad will stop appearing in search results.

    1. Be Strategic in Your Landing Pages

    It’s important that your landing pages align with your advertising goals. Make sure that your landing pages offer the same deals and information as your website, while remaining compelling and set you apart from your competitors. Keeping a consistent message will only propel you forward in the reputation you desire to build around your brand.

    1. Remember Your Target Audience

    Don’t forget about targeting your ads to customers depending on their geographic locations. For example: If you own a local bakery, you will want to choose to advertise locally, and use keywords and create awareness about your location. Likewise, if you run an online business that can ship globally, you will want to include countries that you frequently ship to in your landing pages and keywords!

    1. Analyze Your Campaign

    Take advantage of the tools that your search engine provides to gain insight on how well your ads are working, and how you can improve your PPC advertisements in the future. You can do this by monitoring how many clicks your ads received, as well as information about your potential customers, such as their geographical location.

    In addition, watch your conversion rate throughout your entire campaign. If you are noticing an increase in click-throughs that result in a sale or contact point, that means your PPC strategy is working and can help you determine your ROI!

    1. Be Willing to Adjust

    While you track your results and analyze your campaign, be willing to adjust your keywords and target audience locations. Sometimes, being effective means learning what didn’t work and turning that into an action plan of finding what does work!

    1. Take Advantage of SEO

    Not everyone will click on the ads so it is important to also implement an SEO program to get better visibility in the organic search results. You can visit our blog for further ideas on how to boost your SEO, and the importance of having an SEO strategy!

    Start your PPC advertisements off on the right foot by following these seven simple steps to getting the most out of what you are paying for!

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