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    8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Should be Part of Your Strategy

    Social Media Marketing


    Social media marketing in New Orleans can help grow your business by increasing brand awareness, boosting traffic, and showcasing your products and services. However, 50 percent of small businesses are not using social media marketing to promote their business. This is a huge number!

    If you have yet to take advantage of social media marketing, now is the time. Here are eight reasons why social media marketing should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy.

    1. Develop brand recognition.

    Gaining brand awareness is an important marketing goal because consumers tend to choose the brands they recognize. Luckily, social media allows you to effectively build your brand in front of a highly targeted audience.

    1. Get people talking about your brand.

    Not only does social media improve brand recognition but also it gets people talking about your products and services. When people discuss your brand, you get more exposure and learn from your customers about what features they like, what can be improved, etc.

    1. Monitor social conversations.

    Social listening allows you to capture what people are saying about your products and services. When monitoring conversations, pay attention to your customers’ pain points and brainstorm the various ways that your products can help them.

    1. Share your brand’s story.

    Social media is a great platform for telling your brand’s story. Storytelling improves your brand’s image and develops stronger relationships with your customers. People tend to be most loyal to the brands they feel an emotional bond with.

    1. Provide attentive to customer service.

    Customers expect businesses to be available on social media to answer questions, address concerns, and more. The reason why customers prefer this channel is because it’s fast and convenient. Be sure that you have someone monitoring your channels so that customer comments do not go unnoticed.

    1. Strengthen customer loyalty.

    Social media is a great platform for building customer loyalty – for free! When people follow you, they get to learn about your business and grow closer to your mission and story. This makes them more likely to choose you over your competitors.

    1. Increase traffic to your blog.

    Looking to get more traffic to your blog? Social media helps drive more qualified traffic to your blog posts where they can learn more about your products and services. For the best results, make sure you’re posting content at the right times.

    1. Support better link building.

    Knowing that link building is a ranking factor, it’s a good idea to give some attention to this area. Fortunately, having a strong social media presence increases the chances that your followers will write their own content and link back to yours.

    As you can see, there are many wonderful benefits to social media marketing in New Orleans. If you’re looking to improve your strategy while staying on target with your budget, contact WSI Star Web Solutions for a consultation.

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