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    8 Types of Keywords to Include in Your Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    Google keeps us on our toes when it comes to making algorithm updates, but one thing remains consistent: the need for keyword research. Keyword research refers to finding and analyzing the actual search terms that people type into the search engines. You can gain a lot of insight from doing this research, allowing you to better understand your audience and the type of content they’re looking for.

    As you perform your keyword research, here are eight types of keywords to include in your SEO Louisiana strategy.

    1. Short-tail keywords

    Short-tail keywords are short keywords that are made up of three words or less. They have a high search volume but are also more competitive. This is why you can’t rely on them exclusively. Generally speaking, short-tail keywords are used in the initial stages of researching a product or service.

    1. Long-tail keywords

    The opposite of short-tail keywords are long-tail keywords, which consist of more than three words. They’re usually specific, have a lower search volume and are less competitive. Because they drive in less traffic, they’re usually cheaper. However, this traffic tends to be highly qualified.

    1. Evergreen keywords

    Evergreen keywords are relevant all the time. You might notice some fluctuations, but they should be subtle. By including these keywords in your content, you can expect to get traffic all the time from users who are searching for this information.

    1. Fresh keywords

    Fresh keywords are those that relate to the latest trends. You can add these fresh keywords to your content to drive in immediate traffic, but expect this traffic to drop when the topic is no longer relevant. Also, you’ll need to produce relevant, timely content to match the keywords.

    1. Geo-targeting keywords

    With geo-targeting keywords, you can target a specific neighborhood, city, state or country. Geo-targeting keywords are especially valuable for local businesses that want to attract the most relevant customers.

    1. Product-defining keywords

    Product-defining keywords explain and describe your products. Users typically use them in the early stages of the purchase funnel. Because product-defining keywords are often longer, they have a lower search volume and lower competition. This makes them cheaper, too.

    1. Customer-defining keywords

    Another type of keyword is a customer-defining keyword. Rather than targeting the features of your product, you target the characteristics of your customers. What pain points are they experiencing? How can your products solve them?

    1. LSI keywords

    Finally, LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are related to your main keyword. In order to get an LSI keyword, you’ll need to know your main keyword first. From there, you can build around the keyword so that you will show up in these searches as well.

    There are many different types of keywords involved in SEO in Louisiana. By understanding the various types of keywords and how to use them in your content marketing strategy, you can drive relevant traffic to your site. Contact WSI Star Web Solutions today to learn about our approach to keyword research.

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