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    Are You Using Google Ads_ You Should Be!

    Google ads marketing

    If you want to start capitalizing on the number of searches that take place daily on Google, there is a way to do this: sign up for Google Ads. As Google’s online advertising platform, this program allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in your products and services. The Google Ad platform runs on a pay-per-click model where you pay every time a visitor clicks on your ad.

    With so many advertising methods out there, we understand that things can get confusing and overwhelming! But we can safely say that Google Ads is worth looking into if you’re hoping to make money off Google. Here are five reasons why you should be using this platform to grow your business.

    Google Has a Massive Reach

    When someone has a question they need answered, they almost always turn to Google. Each day, Google has an average of 8.5 billion searches! People turn to Google for pretty much everything – the weather, the traffic, the latest gossip, symptoms of an illness, etc.

    Since your customers are using Google, too, you can help them find the answers to their questions. Google Ads will give you a boost, build trust and encourage people to choose you over your competitors.

    Wide Range of Targeting Options

    Another reason to use Google Ads is that you can reach the right people at the right moment. You can bid on broad keyword search terms that will show your ads to prospects who are in the earlier stages of the funnel. You can then capture their information and use retargeting software if they don’t convert. Aside from broad keyword search terms, Google lets you bid on long-tail keywords as well, which are less expensive and more direct.

    Leverage User Intent

    When you target people on social media with ads, it’s not always favorable. People who are using social media are often trying to relax and look at photos, videos and memes from their news feeds. But when people are using Google, they’re often looking for information and are welcome to helpful content. This makes your ads less likely to be tuned out.

    Get Quick Results – Faster than with SEO

    Pay per click typically produces results faster than SEO. In fact, it can take years for one of your pages to land on the front page of Google! But with Google Ads, you can be featured at the top, succeeding the organic results and bringing immediate traffic to your website. And, as people see your brand name more often, they’ll be more likely to notice and trust you.

    Options for Every Budget

    In competitive industries, some keywords can cost as much as $1,000 a click! But most keywords don’t cost anywhere close to that. You also have the option to put constraints on your daily budget so that you stay within a reasonable amount. It’s also good for your peace of mind, as you can make sure that you don’t go over your budget, even if you’re not actively managing your account.

    Are you ready to get started with Google Ads? Contact WSI Star Web Solutions to discuss your options! We’ll make sure that your ads show up at the right time and for the right people!

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