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    • Newsletter Topic Ideas to Kick Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

      Sending email newsletters to your customer base is an excellent way to stay in touch, build long-term relationships and generate sales. But like other marketing strategies, creating newsletters can get dry over time. Many people struggle to come up with new topics and content to engage their audience. Fortunately, we have some newsletter ideas that you ...
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    • 3 Types of Links that Matter Most for SEO

      Links are an important part of search engine optimization, or SEO. Building links is one of many tactics used in SEO because it signals to Google that your site is a quality resource. Sites with more backlinks tend to rank higher on the search engines, too. What you may not know is that there are ...
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    • Steps to Take When Your Business Website Goes Live

      Launching a website is a big deal, but the hard work doesn’t stop here. Once your website is live, you will need to concentrate on creating good content and improving the user experience. Being a hands-on website owner allows you to keep moving forward and keep gaining traction with the search engines. Fortunately, there are ...
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    • Get Ready for Small Business Saturday With These Ideas

      With more than half of Americans saying they will shop on Small Business Saturday, it’s important that your business is prepared! The purpose of Small Business Saturday is to encourage people to shop small during the post-Thanksgiving weekend. Doing so supports local economies and helps small businesses compete with larger retailers. This year, Small Business ...
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    • Preparing Your Small Business for the 2022 Holiday Season

      Who’s ready for the holiday season? Even if you could use more time to prepare, there’s no stopping this time of year! And this season will be like no other. According to a report in Business Wire, U.S. holiday gift spending may drop by $30 billion. The biggest drops are expected to come from clothing ...
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    • Simple Steps to Performing an SEO Audit

      An SEO audit is a way to check how your website is performing and prevent spam. It’s important to do SEO audits often, as Google changes their algorithm frequently. By auditing your site, you can make sure that you’re following the best and latest practices for SEO. You can conduct an SEO audit on your ...
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    • Top 5 Email Marketing Tips from the Experts

      Did you know that 84 percent of consumers check their email at least once a day? This provides an easy opportunity to connect with your audience and keep them up to date on what’s happening with your brand. Email marketing can also be a great alternative to other channels, as data privacy will become even ...
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    • What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

      Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is used to increase the percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website. This is an important metric to know, as it tells you how engaged your prospects are. Many marketers associate a conversion with a sale, but a conversion is really any desired action that a person ...
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    • Zero-Party Data vs. First-Party Data – Understanding the Difference

      There are different types of data that drive personalized experiences, such as third-party data, first-party data and zero-party data. All types of data are important and have their own unique purpose. But for this post, we are going to focus on zero-party data and how it relates to first-party data. As this Forbes article suggests, ...
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    • Are You Using Google Ads_ You Should Be!

      If you want to start capitalizing on the number of searches that take place daily on Google, there is a way to do this: sign up for Google Ads. As Google’s online advertising platform, this program allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in your products and services. The Google ...
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    I call Burns Smith my guru. Burns Smith is just helping me with my internet presence. I'm in real estate, and he is helping me with that, to just kind of help me get in front of more people. He is very quick to respond, very personable, and very quick to do face-to-face meetings. It seems he is always available, and he is very knowledgeable about the industry. I call him my guru.

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web Solutions has been handling our web development needs for over five years now. They built our website and manage our SEO program, for which we are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them. - K. Smith, Medical Device Company, Atlanta GA.

    Kathryn Smith

    Burns Smith and WSI Star Web solutions have been handling our website and internet marketing for many years. Their service is always very responsive and the internet marketing program generates us many leads.