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    Clean Up Your Content Strategy for Fall

    If you didn’t get a chance to clean up your content marketing strategy for the spring, you have another chance – fall! It’s important to give your content marketing plan a fresh update from time to time to ensure that it’s covering trending topics, speaking to the right audience and meeting your short- and long-term goals. The problem is that many marketers get so wrapped up in other tasks, they put aside this important job.

    Don’t wait any longer. Give your content marketing strategy a refresh for the fall. Here are some tips to make the job easier.

    Remove Outdated or Inaccurate Content

    Look over your digital content and remove anything that is outdated or inaccurate. This includes your website, blog, social media profiles and email newsletters. Though this takes some time to do, you’ll feel much better when it’s done. You want your content to be consistent and optimized for the right audience.

    Define Your Target Customer

    It’s important that everyone is on board with who your target customer is and what tone/messaging you use to talk to them. It’s common for businesses to change the terminology they use but not everyone gets the memo. Get the executive team together to make sure your messaging is on point and consistent.

    Update Case Studies, Testimonials and Other Information

    Content that contains facts, figures and statistics should be updated with new numbers. If readers see that your stats are from a decade ago, they won’t see your content as being relevant. Plus, taking the time to update this content is good for SEO and brand building. You can easily redistribute this content on social networks and syndication sites.

    Build a New Editorial Calendar

    In order to stay on track with your goals, you should have a content marketing calendar that details what topics you plan to write on, when you plan to post the content and where you plan to post it. If you already have a calendar, figure out what’s working and what could be amended to better fit your goals.

    Reevaluate Your Connections

    Look at who you are connecting with on social media and see if they match up with your target audience. As you refresh your content, now is a good time to build new Twitter lists, reconnect with old connections and search for new influencers. LinkedIn also has great tools to help you connect with your community.

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