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    Common SEO Mistakes You Might Still Be Making

    Common SEO Mistakes

    Are you struggling to get your website to appear on the first page of the search results? The competition is fierce, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your website more visible. By ramping up your efforts for search engine optimization in New Orleans, you can increase visibility, boost traffic to your website and convert prospects into customers.

    Rather than talking about the things you should be doing, let’s work backwards and make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes. They’re surprisingly more common than people realize!

    Ignoring Your Google My Business Listing

    One critical SEO error is overlooking your GMB listing. While this listing has always been important, it’s even more so now that Google continues to place importance on “near me” searches. To ensure your small business is visible in these searches, be sure to claim your GMB profile.

    Not Running Regular Website Audits

    An audit reviews your website from the point of view of your users and the search engines. When you run web audits, you can determine what areas of your website need improvements. Some of the things web audits look at are load speed, search engine optimization, checkout process and content quality.

    Giving Attention to On-Site SEO Only

    SEO involves both on-page and off-page factors. Optimizing your on-page elements is extremely important, but you also need to give attention to your off-page elements. Building backlinks is the backbone of off-page SEO, which you can achieve through social media marketing, guest blogging, influencer marketing and linked and unlinked brand mentions.

    Buying Backlinks

    If you’re buying backlinks, it’s time to stop. Chances are, these backlinks are coming from flagged sites and this won’t help your SEO. For the best results, you need to earn genuine backlinks from websites with a high authority.

    Not Adding Fresh Content

    Creating content requires a lot of time, so it’s common for businesses to drop down on their content output. However, your website needs fresh, original content to keep it ranking well. Focus on relevant topics that will help you reach your goals and give you opportunities for using keywords.

    Building Content for the Algorithms

    It’s tempting to write for the algorithms, but avoid doing this. Instead, put together a content strategy that will give you a competitive advantage. If you need ideas, ask your customer support teams what types of questions your customers are asking and what frustrations they’re experiencing. You can then use this information to create more compelling content for your audience.

    SEO mistakes are easy to make, especially when you’re on autopilot! For help with search engine optimization in New Orleans, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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