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    Content Types That Bring in Leads and Conversions

    Creating content is an effective way to reach your audience and help them understand how your product or service can fit into their lives. Visual, interactive content is especially helpful at increasing clickthrough rates and conversions. The more useful the content is to the reader, the more they will enjoy the information and be willing to convert.

    Here are the types of content that are most likely to bring in leads and conversions to grow your business.

    Blog Posts

    Blog posts are one of the original types of content marketing. They are used to promote websites and online stores. Blogs have many benefits, including boosting a website’s rankings in the search engines and drawing traffic to the site.

    By including the right keywords in the content, people searching for the information will be brought to your content. This starts the nurturing process. To keep readers engaged, it’s important to publish a wide range of content such as infographics, slideshows and short videos. Include a compelling call to action at the bottom of each post so that users know what to do next.


    Videos are much more effective than advertising your product on a boring YouTube ad. No one wants to watch a forced ad, and it can make people feel negatively toward your brand. A video is a fun, entertaining way to learn about a product or service, and viewers can do it on their own time. Also, videos are easy to share on social media, increasing traffic, leads and conversions.

    Interactive Quizzes

    People love taking quizzes, no matter how silly they may be! Successful quizzes and trivia are entertaining, intriguing and linked to something popular in today’s culture, such as television, movies or books.

    Consider offering a quiz that caters to your audience’s interests. If they have fun with the results, they’ll be happy to share them on their social media profiles, prompting others to take the quiz, too! Other types of interactive content include surveys, polls, personality assessments and trivia questions.


    Infographics are easier to read than text, and people are more likely to share them compared to traditional text. The benefit to infographics is that they can turn any boring, mundane topic into something valuable and interesting. If you want to share statistics or break down the key features of your product, an infographic is a great way to deliver this information. Design is crucial when creating an infographic, so you might want to work with a professional on this one.


    Content is designed for more than just reading. It’s a great way to drive qualified leads to your site and nurture them through the sales funnel. To be successful, you will need to know what types of information your audience is interested in reading about. As you learn about these topics, take advantage of the various content options to keep your strategy fresh and engaging.

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