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    Creating CTAs That Actually Convert

    Calls to action may be small in size, but they can make a huge impact. Emails with an effective CTA get 371% more clicks than those without. Before you give all of your attention to the headline and body of your content, make sure that you save some for the CTA. Calls to action are important because they tell the reader what you want them to do next. If readers aren’t instructed on how to take action, your content will be nothing more than an interesting item to read.

    Chances are, you already have CTAs on your marketing materials, but they may not be giving you the conversions you hoped for. Did you create calls to action that were thoughtful and strategic? Or did you just slap them together? There’s a big difference between the two, as powerful CTAs are compelling, have a clear benefit for the user and lead to action.

    Let’s look at some tips for creating effective CTAs that actually convert.

    Focus on the Value

    Think about what your customers want. They don’t want your product because it’s cheap or includes cool features. They want it because it solves a problem they’re experiencing. Tap into this problem and use it to drive action.

    Too often, CTAs use words like “submit” or “buy”. These words are not compelling. After reading through your content, exploring your website and considering your product as a reasonable solution, a customer isn’t going to be compelled to take action with a CTA that says “order now”. Tell the customer that they’re getting something rather than paying for something.

    Test Your Colors

    You may hear advice telling you to turn all of your CTA buttons a certain color, but there is no right or wrong. What’s important is that you research your audience and find the colors that resonate with them. Color does make a difference, but the best color for your CTA buttons will be different than someone else’s.

    Regardless of the color you use, make sure that your button stands out from the rest of the page. Customers should never have to second guess where to click. Their eyes should be drawn to the button as soon as they land on your page.

    Add Urgency

    Adding urgency to your CTA is never a bad idea. People sometimes have trouble making decisions and need that extra push to get them to take action. Experiment with different words that prompt immediate action, such as “right now” or “today only”. For those on the fence, the thought of missing out on something great may be enough to entice them to click.

    Select Your Position

    Your call to action doesn’t always have to be above the fold or below the fold to be effective. Again, it’s all about finding what works for your audience. Consider what you are asking customers to do.

    If your offer is complex, it’s probably best to put your CTA below the fold. The customer won’t be ready to make a decision early on, so early placement may lower your conversions. If the offer is simple and can benefit the visitor, you can place the CTA earlier on the page.

    Your audience is unique, so make sure that you test your landing pages to see which CTAs have the highest conversions. Most importantly, take time crafting the perfect CTAs rather than throwing something together. Compelling, thoughtful CTAs are powerful and can help your business drive conversions and sales.

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