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    Did You Know You Could Do These 10 Things on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is more than just a place to connect with other professionals. It’s a network that allows you to engage in conversation, post content, look for new jobs and wish colleagues a happy birthday.

    For as much as you can do on LinkedIn, chances are you’re using your profile on autopilot. This means that you haven’t taken the time to adjust settings based on your preferences or taken advantage of security and personalization features.

    For a more enhanced experience, check out these 10 cool things you can do on the network.

    1. Manage Connection Requests. Sent Invitations (found under Pending Invitations) allows you to see who you’ve sent connection requests to. Here, you can manage your requests, read personalized messages and even cancel requests.

    2. Manage Blocked Connection Requests. In the Communications section of your profile, you can choose which types of requests you want to receive. The ones that fall outside of your preferences will be blocked. If you want to grow leads or expand your reach, it’s recommended to choose Anyone on LinkedIn.

    3. Removing a Connection. There may be some connections that you want to remove. Go to the person’s profile, click on Endorse and choose the Remove Connection option. You can also remove them from the Connections page (located under My Network). Hover over the person and click Remove.

    4. Invitation Limits. LinkedIn users have a limited number of invitations they can send out. The number is fair, but you still want to use good judgement when sending out invites. Personalizing your messages helps. If you need an increase, you can send LinkedIn a message.

    5. Block a Member. Sometimes deleting a person isn’t enough. If you need to block someone, go to their profile and click Block or Report under Send a Message. You can then decide if you want to block or report the person. You can block both regular members and connections.

    6. Unsubscribe from Notifications. As you get more connections, you’ll get more notifications. If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can unsubscribe from them. Click on Notifications and hover over the one that you don’t want to receive updates from. Click on the X and you’ll be asked to confirm.

    7. Hide Status Updates. If you want to hide a status update from one of your connections, hover over the update in your news feed and click on the arrow in the top right corner. You can choose between hiding the one particular update or all of the person’s updates.

    8. Manage Group Conversations. If you were added to a group that doesn’t interest you, there are ways that you can manage the noise. You can leave the conversation if you don’t want to participate at all. You can also delete the message entirely. If you want to stay in the conversation but not receive updates, click Mute. All of these options can be found under the three horizontal dots located at the top right of the message.

    9. Show Premium Membership. If you are a Premium Member, you can show it off to the world. The benefits of having Premium status include larger profile photos, professional cover photos, a larger listing that includes your last two Published posts and a gold LinkedIn logo and the option to receive Open Profile messages. To show off your goods, hover over Profile, click Edit Profile and click the edit pencil next to the word Premium.

    10. Turn on Open Profile Messages. A final thing you can do on LinkedIn is accept Open Profile messages, which is great for lead generation. Hover over Profile, click Edit Profile and click on Premium. Check and save Premium Profile and Open Profile to receive messages.

    LinkedIn is an awesome network for connecting with other professionals and expanding your reach. When you take advantage of the various settings, you can enhance your experience and get more from the network.

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