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    Ecommerce Customer Pain Points that Can Hurt Your Sales

    Ecommerce Customer Pain Points

    As an ecommerce business owner, it’s important to put yourself in your customers’ shoes so that you can give them the best experience possible. When you do this, you can eliminate customer pain points and make it easier to convert visitors and build long-lasting relationships with them.

    Below are some of the most common ecommerce customer pain points that might be hurting your sales, and how you can fix them for improved internet marketing in Jackson MS.

    Slow Website and Checkout

    Nothing is more frustrating when shopping online than a slow website. It’s more than an inconvenience. Slow websites kill conversions and sales. Unfortunately, once a person has a negative shopping experience, they’re not likely to return. This means that you’ve lost a customer for life.

    Test out your website regularly to make sure that it’s operating at peak performance. If it’s slow, you may need to change hosting providers. Also make sure that your online store is optimized for mobile, as more than half of traffic comes from these devices.

    Offering a guest checkout option is another way to streamline the checkout process. And, avoid asking customers for duplicate information. For example, they should be able to check a box for the same shipping and billing addresses.

    Lack of Customer Support

    Providing great customer service is an effective way to increase sales and repeat purchases. But aside from having friendly, helpful support staff on hand, be sure to offer a variety of customer support methods.

    For instance, not everyone wants to call into your company. Some prefer live chat, while others like social media or email. By offering multiple customer support options, you’ll show customers that you’re there for them when they need you.

    Inconsistent Information

    If you sell your products across multiple platforms, it’s not uncommon for things to be inconsistent. Maybe one website shows that your product is out of stock, but another site shows differently. Or perhaps you have different prices listed.

    The best way to ensure consistency is by utilizing automation and delegation systems. This way, your customers can get accurate information, and you can save time from having to update all of your advertisements manually.

    Lacking Product Information

    All of your products should contain a generous amount of information. This is how customers make their purchase decisions.

    Help customers shop in confidence by offering detailed product descriptions, plenty of photos and testimonials from other customers. While you don’t need to bombard customers with every detail about your products, you should provide them with enough information to be an informed customer.

    Hidden Fees

    If you do have fees for shipping or delivery, make sure that you are transparent about them. Shoppers expect to know exactly what a product costs when they buy it – they do not want hidden fees tacked on at the last minute. In fact, this is a great way to kill conversions.

    Include all fees for shipping, handling, taxes and others before the customer checks out. This way, there are no surprises at the end, and the sale is most likely to be completed. The customer will also appreciate your transparency from the start.

    To make your ecommerce store the best it can be, it’s important to consider the common customer pain points. By resolving these issues, you can offer a streamlined and user-friendly online shopping experience. To learn more about optimizing your ecommerce store, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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