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    Exploring the Latest Web Design Trends

    As we wrap up the final chapter of this decade, it’s fun to explore the latest trends in web design in Baton Rouge. Already, we’ve seen the introduction of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality and their influence on how people interact with brands. Websites are also smarter and more intuitive than ever before, successfully combining function and aesthetics.

    Latest Web Design Trends - Web Design Baton Rouge

    If you want to focus your time and resources on the most important web design trends, we recommend the ones below. Most can be integrated during a site refresh, so you don’t have to wait to take advantage of them.


    Microinteractions are meant to delight the user and create events that are human and memorable. Examples include scrolling animations, chimes and beeps and meaningful transitions. By placing microinteractions throughout your website, you can guide users through the funnel and reward them along the way.


    Chatbots are evolving, and for good reason. Thanks to advancements in AI and machine learning, chatbots are smarter and more human-like than ever before. They can be automated to answer basic questions and help customers along their journey. Chatbots also offer things that humans can’t, such as the ability to work 24 hours a day and handle multiple conversations at once.

    Video Content

    While video content is nothing new, brands are finally using it to its potential. Part of this is because it’s easy to create high-quality videos. But brands are also discovering that video content appeals to people who don’t have the time or desire to scan through text. Rather than losing these prospects, you can pull them in with video content.


    Minimalism is the preferred choice for today’s websites. The fewer elements there are, the better. It can be challenging to find this balance, as you want to inform visitors without overwhelming them. But, as long as your website is designed in the right way, it should show the user exactly what they need.

    Thumb-friendly Navigation

    Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop, so you must design with mobile users in mind. Think about how users hold their phones and the fingers they use to accomplish certain tasks. The more thoughtful and intuitive your navigation is, the more enjoyable it will be for users.


    Today’s websites bring in people from all cultures, abilities, ages and gender identities. To connect with these audiences, brands are making efforts to be more diverse and inclusive (e.g. Apple added various skin tones for emojis). Find ways to embrace diversity as a whole. Not only will you gain more consumers but also top talent.

    If you’re going to focus your attention on web design trends, these are some of the most important ones to consider. They will improve the look and function of your website and also provide visitors with positive, memorable brand experiences. To learn more about updating your site with these design trends, contact WSI Star Web Solutions.

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    Exploring the Latest Web Design Trends | WSI Star Web Solutions