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    Four Ways to Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2022

    Social Media Marketing

    As we prepare for 2022, it’s a smart idea to look over your social media marketing in New Orleans. What types of things worked for you this year? What didn’t? By evaluating your strategy, you can make positive changes that will keep you moving forward in the upcoming year.

    Most businesses include Facebook in their social media marketing strategy because it’s the largest social media platform, with over 2.5 billion monthly users. No matter what products and services your business sells, you can feel confident that your audience is on Facebook.

    Let’s take a look at four ways you can elevate your social media marketing strategy in preparations for 2022.

    1. Create Short-Form Videos

    In late September 2021, Facebook launched Reels. These short-form videos (similar to the ones on Instagram) are 30 seconds or less and include a mix of video, audio and creative effects. They appear in their own dedicated section at the top of users’ Facebook feeds, integrated into news feeds or included in groups.

    To get your business noticed, make sure you’re creating short-form videos to use in Reels. Add text, graphics and interactive stickers to make your content more engaging. You can also include a link that users can click to visit your website or download exclusive content.

    1. Host a Paid Event on Facebook Live

    Facebook Live continues to increase in popularity because it’s authentic, unfiltered and engaging. Once you get the hang of Facebook Live, consider hosting a paid event. This will help you recoup some of your expenses while driving more engagement from users. You can set this up on your page’s Events tab.

    One thing to point out is that Facebook isn’t planning on collecting fees for paid online events in 2022. This means that you’ll receive 100% of what you earn. If you want to test out this feature, now is the time to do it.

    1. Set Up Automated Responses

    Engagement is likely a priority for your business, but it’s not easy to be there 100% of the time. However, to ensure you’re not losing business due to a delay in response times, it’s worth utilizing Facebook’s new automated response tool for Messenger.

    Using this tool, you can set up responses to frequently asked questions and requests. You can even automate keyword-based responses in Messenger. This way, when a user includes a particular keyword in their message, your custom response will be triggered.

    1. Compose Facebook Stories

    Another feature worth checking out, if you haven’t already, is Facebook Stories. Stories exist for just 24 hours before disappearing, enticing users to click on them so they don’t miss out. With Facebook Stories, you can generate engagement, improve visibility and create more authentic content.

    Don’t forget to use story scheduling in the Business Suite to take full advantage of Stories. No longer do you need a third-party app to create and schedule Stories. Also, make sure you’re adding text, graphics and stickers to make your Stories more interesting.

    These are just four of the ways that you can elevate your social media marketing strategy in New Orleans. To start planning for the 2022 year, contact the social media experts at WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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