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    How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Digital Marketing

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more commonplace in our everyday lives. Even if you are not particularly technologically savvy, you still use AI more than you realize. Let’s look at an example. As you’re getting ready for work, you check the traffic on your smartphone using a Maps app. The app uses artificial intelligence to tell you how long your ride will take based on the speed of traffic at that point in time.

    When you arrive at work, the first thing you do is check your email. Artificial intelligence is responsible for prioritizing your emails based on primary, social and promotional messages. You also realize that today is payday! Rather than waiting to deposit your check at the bank after work, you can make a mobile check deposit using AI.

    Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but what does it mean for digital marketing? Plenty. Let’s dive into a few of the ways that artificial intelligence will change the future of digital marketing.

    Eliminate Guesswork

    The key to delivering great ads is showing them to the right people at the right time. Machine learning has taken over human analysis. After all, humans only have the capacity to make educated guesses, whereas AI can understand consumers on a deeper level. We are already seeing this higher level of intelligence being used on analytics programs, search algorithms and social media.

    Improve Communication

    One of the keys to having a successful online presence is communication. However, it’s difficult to have someone standing by at all times. Artificial intelligence is the missing link. AI helps companies personalize content and deliver it to the right user at the right time. It can also be used to provide instant feedback, ask questions and present users with enticing offers.

    Personalize Interactions

    Machine learning and personalization go hand in hand. Digital marketing is more personalized than ever, and consumers will only expect brands to be more in tune to their needs. For example, before showing a particular ad to someone, the machine will take into consideration the person’s search history, search text syntax and more. Information is collected on how users respond to better predict outcomes going forward.

    Streamline Websites

    Artificial intelligence improves the user experience on websites. Because AI targets ads to the right users, user engagement improves and results in more qualified traffic and higher conversions. The benefit to this is that websites are easier and more enjoyable to use. Additionally, AI is used to understand how users behave on websites, which can lead to improved layouts, buttons, color and more.


    Artificial intelligence may sound futuristic, but the reality is that it’s being used in our everyday lives. Digital marketing will continue to be affected by AI, as it has already. As a marketer, it’s important to gather the appropriate data and analyze it to better understand your audience. It can be difficult at first, but over time, it will give you a competitive edge.

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