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    How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps

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    By now, you know that getting your business on the front page of Google can increase traffic to your website and improve your SEO in Jackson MS. But did you know that getting your business on Google Maps can increase traffic to your store?

    When you put your business on Google Maps, you’re allowing your business to get found by more people. You can also drive more traffic to your website because your Maps listing contains your website.

    So how exactly do you add your business to Google Maps? Below we walk you through three easy steps to make this happen. Even if you don’t own a physical store, it’s still worth doing this because of the exposure Maps offers.

    Step 1: Check to see if you are already listed in Google Maps.

    The first step is to check and see if you already have a listing in Google Maps. To do this, search for your business on Maps. If it turns up, this means your business is already listed. If your business does not turn up, you’ll be able to add a place (Step 2).

    It’s possible that your business may show up, even if you didn’t put it there. Anyone can add a place, but in order to add to and update your information, you’ll need to claim your listing (Step 3).

    Step 2: Create a place.

    To add your business, click on the prompt that comes up in the search result. It will ask for your business name, address and category. Fill out this information. Also, add the phone number, hours and website URL for your business.

    Step 3: Claim your Google listing.

    Adding your business to Google Maps puts you on the map, but it doesn’t ensure you will rank higher. In order to rank in relevant searches and drive more organic traffic your way, you’ll need to optimize your listing. This involves submitting information about your business and keeping it updated with your latest offerings, store hours, images, etc.

    To claim your listing, click on “Claim this business.” You can only do this once your business is listed on Google Maps. To verify that you are the business owner, Google will send a postcard to your physical location. This postcard will contain a PIN that you will use to verify that you’re the owner.

    What if My Business Was Claimed by Someone Else?

    If someone else claimed your business, Google provides instructions on what to do. It’s possible that someone in your company verified the listing. If you don’t know who claimed your listing, Google will attempt to request ownership on your behalf.

    Getting your business on Google Maps is only the first step in the process. To show up in relevant searches, you’ll need to optimize your listing with updated information, a keyword-rich description, original photos, Google reviews and more.

    To learn more about claiming your business on Google Maps and optimizing your profile with SEO in Jackson MS, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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