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    How to Be Successful with Website Personalization

    Website personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for the people who visit your website. This gets a far better response than a generic website that appeals to no one in particular.

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    Personalization can be tricky. If you don’t personalize your website enough, you won’t connect with the right people. If you go overboard with personalization, your brand could come across as creepy. Fortunately, you can use customer data to determine what areas of your website should have a personalized touch.

    Let’s learn more about how you can achieve website personalization using smart New Orleans internet marketing tactics.

    People Want to Buy from Brands they Trust

    Consumers prefer to buy products from the brands they trust. Part of this trust comes from understanding their wants and needs. After all, how can you help a customer if you don’t know what they need?

    According to a study by Accenture, three-fourths of people want to purchase from companies that know their name, know their purchase history and are able to make useful recommendations. This is one of the many reasons why people enjoy shopping on Amazon!

    Here are a few ways to give customers what they want through website personalization:

    • Greet customers by name. The most basic form of personalization is welcoming someone by their name. People pay attention when they hear their name and are more open to hearing what you have to say.
    • Ask for permission. Give customers the opportunity to receive personalized messages. For example, when a customer makes a purchase, invite them to create an account. With an account, the buyer will receive customized recommendations and content.
    • Use geolocation. Geolocation identifies where an IP address is coming from and then personalizes the experience based on this. A generic website feels much more inclusive when it uses geolocation.
    • Add popups. When used strategically, popups can be a great asset to your website. If a new person is visiting, use a popup to welcome them to your site. In exchange for their email, provide them with a generous discount on their first purchase.
    • Reward customer loyalty. It’s important that your customers feel special – you don’t want them looking elsewhere! Customers that spend money should be rewarded. Give your biggest discounts and rewards to those who spend the most money.
    • Recommend products. Based on your customers’ buying habits, recommend products that you think they will like. This is an effective technique for upselling and cross-selling, and it shows customers that you are paying attention.

    People are getting more used to personalization, but that doesn’t mean they don’t place importance on it. Personalizing your interactions shows customers that you care about your relationships and are learning more to understand their wants and needs. To discover the many ways that you can personalize your own website, contact the experts at WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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