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    How to Get More Personalized with Your Marketing

    There was a time when personalization meant adding a name to an email message. Today, that is no longer the case. Between analytics and big data, marketers can learn a lot about their audience. By creating buyer personas, you can strip down to the basics of what an individual customer might expect from your brand. The more effective you are at relating to your customers, the more personalized your marketing will become.

    Competition among businesses continues to rise, especially online. Personalization is a way to cut through the noise and reach specific people. Let’s explore some of the best ways to get more personal with your audience.

    Marketing Personalization: What Should be Included?

    There are many ways to customize your content. Here are the factors that should be considered in marketing personalization.

    • Location. What city, state and region does the person live in?
    • Device. What device is the customer using to access your content? (Examples: iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet, Windows, Linux, Mac.)
    • Search keywords. What keywords was the user searching for that brought them here?
    • Visitor frequency. How many times has the person visited your site before? Two? Three? Is this their first time?
    • When visited. What time and date did the customer come? How was it related to their payday?
    • Referring URL. Was there a previous website that brought the person to your site?
    • Customer history. Does the customer have a history with your company? If so, what did they buy and how much did they spend?
    • Behaviors. What types of behaviors does the user engage in such as navigation clicks, page views, etc.?

    Why Personalization is Key to Growth

    Customers love being noticed. Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop and the barista says, “The usual?” It feels good! This is the type of connection you want to establish with your own customers. Not only will they have a more positive impression of your company but also they will be more loyal. When competitors come around, these people are less likely to leave.

    Loyal customers are also more likely to become brand advocates. You will see your best customers writing reviews on your products, sharing your social media posts and responding to comments from other prospects and customers. All of this counts as free advertising for your brand. Plus, this authentic, genuine form of advocate marketing is more trusted by consumers.

    Personalized content marketing carries many benefits, including increased conversions, better lead nurturing and more passionate customers. If you’re ready to do more with less, call WSI Star Web today.

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