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    How to Guide More People to Your Content

    Content takes a lot of time and effort to produce. You must choose a topic, write the content and publish it to various platforms. You may even pay to promote some of your best work. It would be a shame to go through all this work and have few people read your content. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. With such a deep sea of content, it’s hard to stand out.

    What many people fail to realize is that content marketing doesn’t end when you hit the “publish” button. Below we share some of the ways that you can guide more people to your content.

    Pay to advertise your best content

    The fastest way to drive traffic to your content is to promote it. You can do this on channels like Facebook and Twitter. Create a post as you normally would and select your demographics. This ensures that your content is shown to a highly targeted audience. While paid social media does cost money, you can budget accordingly for each day and make adjustments in real time.

    Try different content formats

    A blog post is a great start, but people like to consume content in different ways. When you write a blog post, repurpose the information into other forms of content, such as podcasts, videos and infographics. Don’t repurpose all of your content. Focus on the highest performing pieces and customize your calls to action based on the format.

    Use marketing automation

    When used properly, marketing automation gets your content into the right hands. Because marketing automation software is more intelligent and intuitive than ever before, it can be used to deliver highly personalized user experiences. Trigger your content based on the life stage of the customer.

    Write on topic clusters

    To become an authority in your field, it can be helpful to focus on a specific area. We recommend starting with a topic cluster that focuses more on topics and less on keywords. Start with a singular topic and branch off into support blog posts, or “clusters.” As you add more content, you can generate internal links that connect your content together.

    Be active in sharing your content

    You can’t rely on others to do all of the sharing. You are part of your business’ PR team, so make sure that you do your part in distributing the content. The best place to share content is on your social media pages. Be sure to write unique posts for each social channel. Also, it helps to build relationships with influencers, who may share your content one day.

    When you go through the trouble (and fun!) of creating content, make sure that it’s getting into the right hands. By focusing on specific areas of expertise, advertising your best pieces and leveraging marketing automation, you can get more people to see and enjoy your content.

    WSI Star Web Solutions can help with all of these steps, so call us today and let’s have a quit chat. We’d love to see you get more readers to your content, too!

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