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    How to Reach Gen Z on Social Media

    Gen Z is shaking up the retail market. Already, Gen Zers, ages of 16-21, spend $143 billion a year and are expected to represent 40% of all consumers by 2020. The biggest challenge with Gen Zers is that they have no concept of what it’s like to live without the internet. As a result, they are hard to get attention from and difficult to impress.

    How to Reach Gen Z on Social Media - Social media marketing Baton Rouge

    If you want to sell to this audience, you need to utilize social media marketing in Baton Rouge. A recent article in eMarketer reported a few interesting things to know about Gen Zers:

    • They love Amazon. It’s fast and convenient, plus shipping is free for Prime members. Speedy delivery is everything for this generation.
    • Facebook is out. There’s some truth to the rumor that Facebook is for oldies. Gen Zers are active on Instagram and Snapchat – just 10% say they use Facebook often.
    • Brick-and-mortar stores are still in. Younger Gen Zers do enjoy shopping at physical stores, primarily because they can spend time with friends.
    • Brand preferences aren’t set. For the most part, Gen Z consumers aren’t loyal to specific brands just yet. Companies that have the time and resources to connect with this group have the potential to win them over.

    Reaching Gen Zers on Social Media

    Gen Zers are familiar with every strategy out there – banner ads, SEO, sponsored ads, influencer marketing, etc. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean they’ll know when you’re trying too hard with your internet marketing in Baton Rouge. The best approach is to be genuine and deliver relatable experiences.

    Below are some tips for reaching Gen Z consumers on social media – and remember, they’re not on Facebook.

    • Post relatable memes. Instagram is a great place to publish content for Gen Zers. Relatable memes get a lot of engagement, as do human interest stories.
    • Share quirky stories. Gen Zers also like quirky stories and weird news. This type of content stands out from the rest and tends to do well with younger audiences.
    • Solicit user-generated content. UGC builds trust and helps people feel like part of a community. Ask Gen Zers to share their experiences or tag their friends, and use hashtags to organize the conversations.
    • Be socially conscious. Social awareness is important for Gen Zers. They are commonly engaged in discussions regarding politics, gender equality, abortion rights and the LGBT community. Don’t take sides, but don’t be afraid to shy away from these issues.
    • Address personal issues. Gen Z consumers are also drawn to sensitive subjects like bullying, body image and mental health. If you pay attention, you’ll find that these subjects are often the focus of viral stories.
    • Provide experiences. Millennials prefer experiences over things, but Gen Zers like a healthy balance of both. They have brands that they love, like Disney and Starbucks, but they also want their purchases to hold value.

    Above all, be authentic and fun when speaking to Gen Z consumers. They value deep, meaningful connections with beloved brands, and they want to know that their loyalty goes beyond helping a company’s bottom line. To shape your campaign to speak to the Gen Z audience, contact the experts at WSI Star Web Solutions.

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