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    How to Spruce Up Your Landing Pages for the Holidays

    PPC landing pages need to be tweaked for the holiday season. In order to meet the expectations of your holiday shoppers, you must have landing pages that support your PPC campaigns. If a shopper clicks on your ad for a holiday cookie gift basket, they should be brought to a landing page for that cookie basket – not your homepage.

    Let’s go over the different ways to get your landing pages ready for the 2018 holiday shopping season.

    Emphasize Time Sensitivity

    Your ads are probably reminding shoppers of year-end sales and discounts to create a sense of urgency. Make sure that your landing pages are conveying the same message. Put your time-sensitive message above the fold so people can’t miss it. You can even reinforce your message by using a countdown clock. Use language that encourages users to act, like “Limited time offer” and “Early Black Friday savings.”

    Clearly Display Promotions

    Any promotions that are being shown on your ads should be shown on your landing pages. It’s frustrating when users click on an ad that says 20% off but cannot find this same promotion on your landing page. Make your promotion easy to use, too. Give shoppers a coupon code, place it above the fold and make it easy to take advantage of. For example, “Get 10% off your total order” or “All orders ship free – no minimum.”

    Ensure Pages are Mobile Optimized

    More and more people are shopping on their mobile devices, so be certain that your landing pages are fully optimized. This article from Neil Patel has great information on creating mobile landing pages. Here are a few key points from the content:

    • Clearly communicate your point
    • Limit the number of fields
    • Ensure fast load times
    • Design one large call to action button
    • Choose a CTA button in a contrasting color
    • Test your pages

    Create a Clear Path to Conversion

    Make it easy for shoppers to convert. Ideally, users should only have to click one to two times to convert – anything more than this increases the chances that they will bounce off the page. To ensure that the customer fills out the form, keep it simple and easy to fill out. Only ask for the information you need – you can always ask for more later.

    Apply Seasonal Colors and Images

    Give your landing pages a festive touch by adding seasonal colors, images and icons. Go for classic snowflakes in silver or opt for North Pole favorites – Santa, Elves or Reindeer. This shows off your brand’s personality and lets shoppers know that you have great gift options.

    In the end, be sure that the journey from prospect to customer is as smooth as possible. To get your landing pages up to par for the holiday season, call WSI Star Web Solutions. We love watching our clients crush the competition!

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