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    How to Turn a Caller into a Customer

    Technology has done some amazing things for business, but the phone remains one of your more powerful tools. When a customer calls your business, they are either ready to make a purchase or close to making one. All of the details matter, from how you answer the phone to the way you respond to questions and concerns. To ensure that no one falls through the cracks, there are some simple tips and tricks to follow.

    Maintain a Positive, Upbeat Tone

    There are plenty of sayings out there about how you get back what you put in. The same holds true for customer relationships. When you’re kind and helpful to those in need, you get a better response from prospects. Even if the customer does choose to go another route, being polite leaves them with a good experience. Answer the phone in a positive tone, be helpful in your responses and talk passionately about your products and services.

    Use the Caller’s Name

    Grab the customer’s name at the beginning of the conversation. You don’t need to overuse the name, but it can be used to personalize the conversation, much like customer service reps do when using live chat. Rather than using generic names like Sir or Ma’am, you can call the person by their name and make the conversation sound more personal and friendly.

    Schedule an Appointment

    If you have a physical location, invite the caller to your business. If you don’t have a physical location, you can arrange an appointment at a coffeehouse. It’s much easier to close a sale in person, so if you can, don’t let the caller hang up without scheduling an appointment. To help the person commit to a time, give them a number of options. Does morning or afternoon work best? Weekend or weekday?

    Gather Contact Information

    Before hanging up, collect the necessary information from your caller. This will help the person feel more committed to the appointment they have set with you. If you already have the person’s information – name, phone number, email address – in your lead management system, verify that everything is up to date.

    Provide Helpful Instructions

    Another way to make the caller feel more committed to their appointment is by giving them clear instructions on what to do, such as where to park and who to ask for when they arrive. Giving these instructions can also help with any uneasiness the caller may be having. Sometimes, it’s the little things that stop people from following through, such as driving downtown or navigating through a large office building.

    These simple steps are easy to follow through with, but they can make all the difference in closing a sale with a customer.

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