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    How to Write Compelling Product Descriptions

    Whether your business sells products, services or both, your customers rely on product descriptions to make informed choices. The purpose of a product description is to educate your customer on what your product or service does. Descriptions also introduce your products and services to those who aren’t in your target market.

    Product Descriptions

    As common and necessary as product descriptions are, many people make mistakes when writing them. These mistakes might not be obvious but they can lead to lost sales and fewer leads. Below we cover some tips for writing compelling product descriptions that sell.

    Know Your Target Market

    Consider who will be reading your product descriptions. Of course, these are people who have some type of need or interest in your products or services, but go deeper than that. What problems are readers trying to solve? What features and benefits are they looking for?

    Keeping your audience in mind will help you choose the right things to include in your descriptions. You can give a few examples, input customer testimonials or capture different angles of your items. The more versatile your descriptions are, the more valuable they’ll be to customers.

    List Product Features and Benefits

    The bulk of your description explains the product’s function and features. Also list out the benefits so that customers can see what they’re getting for their money. You don’t need to include all of the benefits, but you should list out the most important ones for your audience.

    Also, how you order the features and benefits makes a difference. Always include the most important information first. For instance, Apple’s new iPhone 12 is jam-packed with features, including 5G and the Pro Camera System. Apple always has innovative landing pages with compelling product descriptions. Check out the way they organize their features and benefits for the maximum effect.

    Address Potential Concerns

    Buyers sometimes have objections about purchasing certain products, so if you know what they are, address them in your descriptions. Consumers are more educated than ever before, so brushing potential issues under the table doesn’t do any good.

    Find out what objections people have to buying your products or services and address them head on. For example, maybe there have been technical issues that some customers have experienced. Let customers know how you’re handling these issues and options for returns or money back if they’re not satisfied.

    Distinguish Your Brand

    Your product descriptions don’t have to be bland and boring. Depending on your brand’s tone, they can be funny, interesting or entertaining. For example, the electric vehicle company Tesla separates itself from other brands by adding in some forward-thinking personality. The 2021 Tesla models when put into order spell out “S3XY.” You certainly won’t be bored reading these descriptions!

    Refresh Your Product Descriptions for Better Results

    In short, product descriptions should have a deeper meaning than just listing off product features. When writing these descriptions, take some time to include other things like stories or customer reviews. And, don’t forget your brand personality as this will remind customers that your descriptions were handcrafted by you for them!

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