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    Instagram Celebrates its 10th Birthday with New Features

    "Instagram Celebrates its 10th Birthday with New Features - Social Media Marketing in New Orleans"

    Instagram has added some new features to mark its 10th birthday this October. The biggest element is the Stories Map, which provides a private look at where you’ve posted Instagram Stories over the last three years. Instagram has also rolled out a few additional features, ranging from visual additions to an expanded library of e-commerce tools.

    As we celebrate Instagram’s birthday this month, let’s dig deeper into the tools we’ll get to help maximize social media marketing in New Orleans.

    Stories Map Features

    The new Stories Map feature introduces a private map and calendar of the Instagram Stories you’ve shared over the last three years. All Stories show up as long as you use a location sticker. This feature is a great way to look back at some of your favorite memories.

    National Bullying Prevention Month

    In honor of National Bullying Prevention, Instagram is launching two new features. The first will begin as a test and automatically hide comments similar to others that have already been reported. The comments will still be visible under “View Hidden Comments.” This feature is similar to what Twitter has with “Hide Replies” but more automatic. On Twitter, the original poster has to manually hide the replies, while Instagram does this automatically.

    Second, Instagram is expanding its nudge warnings to include another warning when people keep posting offensive remarks. Already, Instagram has a feature that tells people when their comments may be offensive. This gives them a chance to make changes before posting. The new feature targets repeat offenders, holding them more accountable for their posts.

    New Icons

    iOS-14 rolled out customized home screens and Instagram followed suit by adding variable icons for the app. Users can choose from a wide range of icons to suit their theme and personality. You can find the new icons by tapping the Settings icon on your profile. Make sure your app is updated.

    In-Stream Shopping for IGTV

    Instagram has also added in-stream shopping for IGTV, which could turn out to be a huge motivator for brands and influencers to use IGTV. With this feature, a shopping bag icon is added to IGTV videos. The shopping tags must be applied by the creator.

    Instagram also mentioned that it will be adding a shopping tab for Reels. Together, these in-stream shopping features will make it easier for users to buy products without having to stop what they’re doing.

    It’s interesting to see how much social media marketing in New Orleans has evolved over the years thanks to channels like Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to seeing what another 10 years will bring!

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