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    Latest SEO Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

    Latest SEO Trends

    Search engine optimization in Jackson MS doesn’t change as much as it used to, but there are still trends you’ll want to keep an eye on. This knowledge will help you maintain your rankings and keep one step ahead of your competitors. Taking your attention off SEO for even a short time can result in decreased rankings. Fortunately, by working with an SEO company, you can make sure your website is always following the best and latest practices.

    Below are the three hottest SEO trends for 2020 that you don’t want to miss.

    Featured snippets

    There is a position higher than No. 1 in the search results – 0! Featured snippets place you at the top of the search results, giving you the opportunity to showcase your website, answer popular questions and become a trusted authority.

    To get a featured snippet, you need to understand your audience and the types of questions they most commonly search for on Google. Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

    • Browse Google for questions your audience asks
    • Identify search queries where you already rank high
    • Monitor questions people ask on social media
    • Answer questions concisely – include numbers, steps and lists
    • Include eye-popping visuals

    Voice search

    As more people use virtual assistants, voice search is becoming the popular way to search the web. As convenient as voice search is, it has a big impact on search engine optimization in Jackson MS that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

    For example, voice searches are different from text because they are more conversational. Search queries are also a lot longer, which means your website should be targeting longer tail keywords. Furthermore, you’ll want to replace simple keywords with entire phrases that Google will be able to work with easier.

    Local search

    Local searches are more popular thanks to the increasing use of mobile devices. It’s easier than ever for people to take out their phones and make a quick search for a nearby product or service. These searches tend to have high intent, which means they often result in an action or visit to a physical location.

    Here are some proven ways to improve local SEO:

    • Claim your business listings
    • Add location pages to your website
    • Ensure NAP (name, address, phone) consistency
    • Update Google My Business account
    • Ask for reviews from customers
    • Create local content

    Search engine optimization in Jackson MS continues to evolve based on user behaviors. By keeping these trends in mind, you can improve your SEO and ensure more of the right people find you. To discuss your SEO needs for another busy year, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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