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    Learn the Basics of Ad Retargeting for Your Small Business

    When businesses are just starting out, they tend to rely on sales from first-time customers and business partners. These relationships create a foundation that can be improved upon over time. Though digital marketing can feel strange, especially if you’re used to good old fashioned word-of-mouth promotion, it’s the best way to reach the right customers.

    Today’s shoppers expect positive, consistent interactions across all channels. One break in the funnel can send them to a competitor. To prevent potential customers from leaving your pipeline, your digital marketing strategy should include retargeting. Retargeting allows you to reconnect with a prospect so that they remember your business and what you have to offer.

    What are Retargeted Ads?

    Retargeted ads are shown to people who visited a website but didn’t convert. Very likely, you’ve visited websites without making a purchase. A few days later, were you shown ads from that company? This is retargeting.

    Often times, retargeted ads have a personalized offer or discount to boost conversions. If you were on the fence before but now the company is offering you a 20% discount, it may be enough to close the deal.

    Not only does the incentive make a difference but also the relevancy. If you show the ad at the wrong time and place, prospects might think negatively of your brand. Usually, these types of ads are forced on the user and disrupt their experience. Delivering the ad in the right time and place shows users that you understand their needs, making them more likely to convert.

    How Do Retargeted Ads Work?

    Retargeting reaches people who are interested in your product or service. So, how do you find out who has interest in your company and who does not?

    For the purpose of retargeting, individuals who have visited your site or downloaded your app are considered to have some level of interest. Thanks to retargeting technology, a small piece of code is used to re-engage visitors as they move about the web. For example, if a person is shopping for a pair of winter boots but doesn’t buy them from your site, they can be retargeted with an ad for your winter boots, along with a 10% off coupon code.

    Although retargeted ads don’t guarantee that you’ll make a sale, they do increase the likelihood that a customer will convert. They also keep prospects in the funnel so that one day, they may end up buying from you.

    Use Retargeting in Moderation

    Retargeting is an effective marketing tool, but it should be used in moderation. If a person sees too much of your ads, it could turn them off from your company. Use retargeting to reconnect with those who are interested in what you have to offer, and sweeten the deal with free shipping or a discount.

    Want to learn more about retargeted ads and how they can boost your conversions and sales? Contact WSI Star Web Solutions and find out how this cost-effective marketing strategy can help you reach your revenue goals.

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