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    New Google December 2020 Update Was Bigger than Thought

    latest Google core algorithm update

    Did you know that Google rolled out a new update on December 3rd? This update was even bigger than the one in May. It’s a core search ranking algorithm update that is affecting people on many different levels. If you’ve noticed a drop in rankings, talk to your New Orleans internet marketing firm to determine what you can do.

    In the meantime, here is everything you need to know about the December 2020 Google update.

    What is Google’s December Update?

    Google previously reported that a new core update was rolling out in December. It’s the third update this year, with the first taking place in January and the second in May. As with other updates, this one was not specific to any region, language or category of websites. It’s simply a classic broad core update that Google releases every few months or so. And while it usually takes a week or two to feel the effects, people were feeling them the day after.

    How Many Previous Updates Were There?

    The most recent core update was in May and it took a couple of weeks to fully roll out. Before this update, there was another update in January and one in September 2019. Most of these updates have been “weaker”, but this is not the case with the December update.

    What Can I Expect from the December Update?

    Search data companies report the update was big and substantial. Google is always quiet on what the broad core updates do, but we can expect a similar trend: penalizing thin content, not supporting poor backlinking and focusing on directory listings. We’ll continue to know more over time as the update rolls out and shows its true colors.

    Timing of the Update: Smart or Not?

    There has been some concern over the timing of the update. Google said it was done after Thanksgiving but before the holidays. Unfortunately, this update could have hurt businesses that do most of their sales on Christmas. On the flip side, some businesses gained an edge in the internet searches and are pleased with the outcome.

    If you’ve been affected by the latest Google core algorithm update, focus on high-quality content that provides original information. Google expands more on this here. Also, contact WSI Star Web Solutions to get a firm understanding of your placement and how you can increase your rankings.


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