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    Proven Strategies for Driving More Traffic to Your Company

    Driving More Traffic to Your Company
    Looking to drive more traffic to your blog? While you can do this with the help of a well-organized internet marketing strategy in Jackson MS, there are also simple DIY tips that you can tackle on your own. Getting more people to read your blog is a bit of art and a bit of science, so if things aren’t working like you want them to, rest assured there are many improvements you can make.

    Below we share some proven strategies for driving more traffic to your blog.

    Write and Update Your Blog Often

    Studies show that when you update your blog with new content, it will receive more traffic. Google gives higher priority to sites with fresh content, so you’ll get a nice boost just by adding to your blog. While there is no set number of posts you should write each month (quality trumps quantity), aim for 1-2 a week.

    Promote Your Blog On Social Media

    It always surprises us how many businesses fail to promote their blog posts on social media. Chances are, you’re looking for things to post on your social channels, and blog posts are the perfect option. Plus, these are posts that you have written so you can start a conversation, expand on your insight and more. For the best results, write a unique social post for each channel.

    Craft Better Titles

    Titles are extremely important because this is what people look at when determining if they should click on your article. Write compelling titles – but be honest. If you over-promise and under-deliver, your audience will be disappointed. Balance creativity with accuracy so that readers find the information they expect.

    Include Visuals

    Humans are visual learners. To support your written content, include visuals like videos, images, graphs and illustrations. This will make your content look more professional and appealing as well, which can boost its chances of going viral. Another tip is to include your keywords in the Alt Image tag on your photos. This helps with SEO.

    Incorporate Keywords

    One of the easiest ways to drive more targeted traffic to your site is with keywords. For each blog post, choose a key phrase that you think your readers would use to find your post. Incorporate this keyword into the title, headline, a featured image, page link and several times throughout the content. Keywords help Google understand what your content is about.

    Insert Links

    When you mention another company’s service or product in your blog post, or you have information to share from another business, be sure to link back to the original source. Not only will Google notice these links, but the other company may link back to you as well. Plus, readers appreciate when they can follow a link to get more information.

    Add Social Sharing Buttons

    At the top and bottom of your posts, include social sharing buttons for the major social networks. This makes it easier for people to share your post to their channels. And if you want to promote a specific blog post, give it a “boost” on social media. It’s relatively inexpensive to do this – set your budget and ensure your post reaches a much wider audience.

    Your blog is an excellent communication tool and a key part of your internet marketing strategy in Jackson MS. To fine-tune your blog, reach a wider audience, and grow your social media following, contact WSI Star Web Solutions today.

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