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    Proven Strategies for Growing Your Domain Authority

    Increase Domain Authority

    Search engine optimization in Baton Rouge is a real concern for anyone who manages a website. It’s difficult to secure a spot on the first page of Google search results, but without this placement, your audience won’t find you. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to improve your rankings and ensure more of the right people find your content. One of them is by growing your domain authority.

    What is Domain Authority?

    Domain authority refers to a score that tells you how authoritative your website is and how well it will rank on relevant search results pages. The score ranges from 1-100, with higher scores indicating the ability to rank high. Even though the metric was originally created by Moz, companies like Ahrefs and Majestic have gone on to create their own systems as well.

    Regardless of which tool you use to assess domain authority, there are similarities in how websites are ranked. For example, domain authority takes the following factors into consideration:

    • Number of inbound links
    • Number of root domains
    • Authority of the linking domains
    • Other unique domains that link to the site

    Your score is not conclusive. It simply provides you with a number to show how your site stacks up against the competition. If your score is not good, there are plenty of things you can do to improve it.

    How to Grow Your Domain Authority

    If your domain authority is on the lower end of the scale, don’t get discouraged. It’s actually easier to bring your score up from a 1 to a 20 compared to a 40 to a 60. So, keep your head up! Below are some of the best ways to improve domain authority.

    • Work on off-page and on-page search engine optimization in Baton Rouge
    • Fix any technical SEO issues
    • Increase your website’s speed
    • Make your site mobile-friendly
    • Add relevant content to your site
    • Get high-quality backlinks
    • Perform link audits
    • Provide a good user experience

    Be Patient – Good Domain Authority Takes Time

    It takes time to increase your domain authority, so be patient. As you make improvements to your site, it will offer an improved user experience that should matter more than any score. For this reason, you don’t need to obsess over domain authority, but it doesn’t hurt to check it once in a while. For more information on increasing your domain authority, contact the experts at WSI Star Web Solutions.


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