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    Simple Tips to Help You Rank Well in the Search Engines

    We understand that having a relationship with Google can be complicated. You just never know what it’s looking for and how to make it happy. But, there are a few things that Google consistently enjoys seeing. Quality content. Strong links. Good keywords. Even off-page optimization makes a difference. Following Google’s best practices is what helps your site rank well, keeping both your business and your sales happy.

    Here are a few simple, timeless tips to help you rank well in the search engines.

    Contribute Regular Content

    Contributing content to your blog keeps your website fresh and brings in consistent traffic. It’s recommended to post around two new articles each week, as Google favors websites with a lot of updated content. Another benefit to posting regular content is that it encourages people to link back to your material, building strong links. Remember that each piece of content should be high quality and include desired keywords.

    Write Compelling Titles and Descriptions

    Your headline deserves some love, too. It should accurately tell readers what they can expect to learn from your article while being interesting and engaging. Your description also counts. Meta descriptions should be less than 155 characters, so make sure you say everything you want to in this character limit.

    Follow Good Web Design

    Web design matters because people won’t care to read your content or explore your site if it’s clunky and uncomfortable to use. Reduce clutter and keep the design clean and minimal. Don’t overdo the ads either, as they can be distracting. Keep your best performing ones only. Your site should be easy to navigate, with large font and clickable links.

    Run a Competitor Analysis

    To improve your links, start off with a competitor analysis. This basically tells you what your competitors are doing with building links. The best you can do is go through and match the links that your competitor is using and then add a few of your own. This puts you in the position to surpass your competition in the search rankings.

    Encourage Social Sharing

    Sharing is caring. The best way to encourage readers to share your content is by putting social sharing buttons front and center. You can also request that your readers share your content, and pay to get a wider reach on social media. Paid search comes with targeting options as well. Finally, develop relationships with your greatest influencers who will be happy to give you a share!

    The more traffic you bring to your site, the better your website will rank in the search results. But you must always follow Google’s best practices so that you are not penalized for cutting corners or using spammy practices. Quality, consistent work and an active presence on social media goes a long way in ranking well.

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