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    Simple Ways to Boost Sales with Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies available to businesses of all sizes. In fact, studies show that email marketing generates more sales than social media, and that the median email marketing ROI is 122%. If you’re not seeing favorable results, it’s probably time to reassess your marketing strategy and increase the value of your emails.

    If you’re ready to generate more business through email marketing, read on for helpful tips to make your emails stand out.

    Know and understand your target audience

    You may get tired of hearing “know your audience,” but it’s only repeated because it’s so important. Some marketers still believe that if they make their content general, it will appeal to more people. However, this is not the case. By knowing your audience, you can create highly targeted content that people want to read.

    Every subscriber on your list is unique, so don’t send one email to everyone. Segment your lists based on geographical location, product preferences, niche interests and demographics. Then, send each group targeted emails that appeal to their wants and needs.

    Write short, personalized messages

    Sending regular emails is a great way to engage your audience, but you don’t want to take much time away from them. Create messages that are clear and concise. You want subscribers to open the email, read it and know what you want them to do. Remember, most people will be opening your emails on their mobile devices and don’t want to waste time.

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind when writing email content:

    • Use simple, direct copy (no beating around the bush)
    • Use bullet points to reinforce important information
    • Have one call to action per email
    • Use the person’s name in the subject line and body

    Send emails on a regular basis

    Marketers get mixed messages about how often they should send emails. Send too many, and you could spam people’s inboxes. Send too few, and you could go unnoticed. Remember, people gave you permission to send them emails. If you have offers to share, news to announce, etc., it’s okay to send an email every day. Just be sure that the email always has value.

    Also, by sending regular emails, you keep your brand ahead of the competition. When a customer is ready to shop over the weekend, it will be your emails that stand out.

    Have a dedicated landing page for each campaign

    When you send an email to subscribers, where is clicking going to send them? Most of the time, marketers send traffic to their homepage or a specific product page, but it’s generally best to send them to a dedicated landing page. This page is relevant and targeted, so it’s more effective at increasing conversions than a generic homepage.

    Split testing your landing pages is also important, as you can see what campaign options are most effective. Continue A/B testing your landing pages to improve conversions, increase sales and boost engagement. Elements to test include:

    • Layout
    • Headline
    • Copy
    • Offer
    • Call to action

    Are you ready to improve your emails and see better sales as a result? Contact WSI Star Web Solutions to learn more about fine tuning your email marketing strategy.

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